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Make Your WordPress Website Powerful And Track The Visitors With Plugins

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WordPress, the most powerful Content Management System has gained excellent traction since it got transformed from a simple publishing platform to an e-commerce platform in favor of the businessmen, enterprise/corporate website for easy administration with its employees, websites at individual levels, and so forth. The highlight of the WordPress is that it comes with numerous plugins as per the need of any industry verticals, or from an individual point of view to make their site special from others. Further, apart from readily available plugins, one can go for customization or develop a new plugin all together through custom WordPress plugin development in India or anywhere across the globe.   

Make Your WordPress Website Powerful And Track The Visitors With Plugins

Further, one may make their site powerful by adding specific plugins. A few of the plugins to optimise the website are Shareaholic [ boosts readers engagement and enhances social media traffic]; link patrol [aids to analyze and manage the outgoing links and prevent Google penalty] ; woo commerce [ helps to manage inventory, payments, tax, and shipping] ; WPTouch to transform the website into a responsive design; Yoast or All-in-one SEO pack for thorough analysis and optimization of the website; Hellobar for e-mail subscription forum, and more.

Moving further, one has to create and maintain successful blogs with engaging content to draw the attention of the visitors and drive traffic to the website which leads to further interaction. It is possible to track the visitors and have a better insight of them so as to analyse their effort to reach the targeted audiences. When one gets acquainted with the search type of the visitors, it is easy to focus on their requirements and act accordingly to get the expected traffic. One may benefit from the WordPress plugin developer(s), India by accommodating a plugin(s) that helps to track the visitors and their activity.  

Make Your WordPress Website Powerful And Track The Visitors With Plugins

Some of the plugins and widgets are briefed below.


This plugin is exclusively meant for WordPress by which one may keep a note on visitors. It comes with 25 modules by which one may track visitors, mobile visitors, record daily visits, the way of traffic, and, etc.

kStat Reloaded

It is the advanced plugin which helps to track the visitors for the blogs. One is able to see the number of visitors for the blogs, the time of visits, the overlooked or read page, and other helpful features.  

W3Counter Blog Stats

It is one of the easiest tracking plugins used on the page. Blog Stat Widgets are placed on the page’s sidebar to track top searches, daily visits, blog post and the reach of the traffic.  


This plugin provides the real-time analysis of the blog’s progress. It enables the website owner to track exactly the visitor’s browsing scenario such as when they visit the site through keywords, how long they stay browsing the site, and, etc.  

Advanced Blog Metrics

In addition to tracking the visitors, this plugin helps to gain more visitors by analyzing the peak traffic time to post the blog, number of comments received, and, etc.   

These plugins help to plan and post the blogs at traffic times and draw in more target based visits. Moreover, it is better to be in touch with WordPress plugin development, India at regular basis updates.

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