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Make Customer Service Your Competitive Advantage

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Want your business to stand out from competitors? Of course you do.

But how do you compete in a flooded market where it’s easier than ever to launch a business? Stand out from the crowd by making customer service your competitive advantage. Here are some tips about what providing great customer service means and how to deliver a top notch customer experience every time.

Know what your Customers Want

You can’t deliver a top notch customer experience if you don’t know the preferences of your target market. Do your customers prefer to shop in a bricks and mortar store or are they migrating more to your ecommerce site? Do they prefer to contact you via phone or text message?

By knowing the preferences of your customers, you can evolve your business model to deliver on those preferences. These changes will help retain your most loyal customers and expand your customer base.

Make Customer Service Your Competitive Advantage

Be Available when You’re Needed

When most people think of customer service, they think of contacting a business with questions, order requests and more. And this is certainly an important element of your overall customer service strategy.

Do you know how your customers prefer to contact you with questions and at what time inquiries typically peak? This is important data to track because it shows whether you’re available when customers need you. If you regularly receive complaints from customers that no one is available in the evenings to resolve their purchase problems, consider changing your customer service hours.

Right your Wrongs

Every business makes mistakes. While you should do everything possible to minimize your mistakes, how you respond to the mistakes that do happen is what counts. Even the angriest of customers can be retained if their complaints are noted and resolved in a prompt and professional manner.

When resolving customer complaints, listen first and act based on what you learn from listening. By allowing a disgruntled customer to vent their frustrations, you can gather the necessary details and will likely hear first-hand from them what can be done to resolve the situation. Whether the angry customer wants a refund, an exchange or another solution, deliver on their desires and include a sincere apology.

Tell the Truth

According to Customer Service: Help your Business Stand Out from the Competition, always tell the truth, even if it means you can’t meet a customer need. While increasing sales is a crucial business need, you should never use deceit during the purchasing process. The truth will always come out and, at the end of the day, being viewed as a credible, authentic and truthful company is worth losing out on a sale. If you can’t meet a potential customer’s needs, suggest other options or recommend other businesses for them to visit. Who knows, this authentic advice may prompt them to return in the future when they need what you’re selling.

In a flooded business market, your best competitive edge may lie in your customer service experience. From delivering on customer needs to always being truthful, great customer service includes many elements. Nail every element to create customers for life.

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