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Make A Home Growing Tunnel For Plants

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Undoubtedly – one will love the idea of a longer warm season that lasts even all around the year. This can be done with a simple homemade growing tunnel, which can be placed outdoors in the garden or even indoors with a little bit of an extraordinary imagination. Let`s do it by yourself and surprise your family members and guests with a truly unique and beautiful highlight in the garden.

There are two main opts – one big growing tunnel where you can grow plenty of vegetables or even fruits almost throughout the year. Such a tunnel is definitely one of the best ways for a protection of the plants outdoors and the best way is that you can make it as beautiful as you like it. Even you can place flowers and other plants instead of vegetables or a combination of them like a mix of vegetables, herbs and flowers. What better way to ensure a fragrant and beautiful garden for your family all around the year, and right in the backyard! The second main opt for constructing a growing tunnel is actually a construction of a multitude of growing tunnels, but smaller ones. In this way, you can make an artificial surrounding with soil in a corner in the garage for example. If you choose truly small tunnels like less than a half meter in length – then, you can even construct them over decorative baskets with flowers and thus moving them easy outdoors and indoors. The house cleaning is much easier too, while the idea to have a beautiful fresh garden in a basket is a truly irresistible idea, especially when it comes to a miniature of a fragrant colorful garden all around the year.

Make A Home Growing Tunnel For Plants

First, make yourself a sketching of the tunnel. Take only the most important measurements like the height and the width of the construction. This will help you to calculate the surface of the tunnel itself and so how much fabric exactly is needed for covering the frame.

Second, make the frame itself. Only a couple of struts might be enough for a smaller growing tunnel, while if you plan to make an even smaller growing tunnel like for growing plants in a basket – just one strut should be enough. The simplest constructions require less repairs and after building cleaning.

Third, cover the frame with a translucent fabric. One it acts as the best protection from bas weather like frost, snow and strong winds, and two it protects the plants from invaders like birds. Moreover, a translucent material will ensure enough sunlight to keep the plants happier and constantly growing.

Put the right type of soil in the growing tunnel and design the inner space so to make it more comfortable for cleaning, watering and walking. Leave a small tiny walkway at equal distances from the edges of the tunnel. Discuss with your family the decoration of the growing tunnel and place the decorative stones, any wooden works or other decorative objects. Then, leave it for a few days or even for a whole week to form the microclimate properly.

Fourth, plant the flowers, the herbs, the vegetables, etc. The main plants should be first, followed by the smaller ones and perhaps the herbs and the flowers should be the last ones. You can even add transplanted flowers and vegetables.

Fifth, follow a strict schedule for a regular cleaning. Once a month is a good margin, but keep in mind that the plants require more cleaning and cares as they grow. Include in your schedule a column for inspection of the growing tunnel, which also should take place once a month. It may include some minor repairs on the construction, the watering gadgets or the decoration. Find more gardening or domestic and carpet cleaning tips on this website.

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