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Machining Plastics – Everything You Should Know About The Procedure

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Plastics are one of the materials that are subjected to machining before using them. When compared with other types, plastics are quite temperamental and only certain tools can safely cut them into desired shape and dimensions. Machining work is the type where you should be patient enough to complete the work successfully since minor mistakes can end in major issues.

Machining Plastics - Everything You Should Know About The Procedure

Machining Plastics

Machining plastics is a type of procedure where plastic sheets are cut into different sizes and shapes. Plastic sheets are available in variety of kinds and the most opted ones for machining are polycarbonate, since it is the only type, which is quite forgiving. The easy handling feature of this plastic type has made it the most suggested one even for the first timers, to the machining work.


Machining work requires availing knowledge about few important aspects such as,

  • Blade speed
  • Friction
  • Tooth-counts
  • Bite angle
  • Production of fume
  • Production of necessary pressure

Even though you are well aware about all the above-mentioned features, you are more prone to be injured during the machining procedure, if you are not careful enough. When it comes to handling the machines, it is always suggested to keep the force to the minimum level and proceed in slower manner. This is a must-follow step, if the plastic type that you are using is brittle.

Cutting Procedure

While cutting the plastic sheets, it is always suggested to feed the sheets into the machine slowly to maintain an even shape. While proceeding with further steps, avoiding side-forces and friction can always get the work done in an easy way. It is also suggested to install right type of blade before proceeding with the cutting procedure.

Most of the times, the plastic sheets might start to melt due to excess temperature and pressure. During such times, you either should stop the procedure or should reduce the force since excess build up of temperature and pressure can cause the melted plastic to produce fumes and yank the machinery. The fumes can sometime cause negative effects on the health including headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc.

Drilling Procedure

Unlike cutting technique, the drilling procedure uses medium force for machining the plastics. This procedure is not as noisy as cutting technique and will be just like hearing the sandpaper rubbing against a metal sheet or the sound of waves. Heat gun is one of the types of plastic machining tools that are used in this procedure since other machinery type requires constant cleaning after every usage.

Special set of drilling tools are available in the market today. The ΒΌ-inch spade bits are the most commonly used type in drilling procedure. The angle of the drill bits are of shallow bite shaped so as to keep them from digging deeper and getting stuck in between the plastic sheets, during the drilling procedure.

Plastic specific drills are the most suggested type of equipment for the companies that mainly deal with plastic machining. It saves you from feeling frustrated during the procedure and also saves extra time that is otherwise spent in the drilling technique using other type of tools.

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