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Looking To Buy Car Insurance: Go For Pioneer

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Looking To Buy Car Insurance

An increase in the number of motor vehicle crashes in the Philippines indicates the importance of car insurance, which can, at least, provide protection against the approximate cost accrued from the accident. Be it a commercial truck or a private car, your vehicle always carries something precious. However, the search of a much-required car insurance that can meet all your expectations leaves you in a quandary. But, the only answer to this quandary is Pioneer car insurance Philippines. With Pioneer car insurance, vehicle owners can drive with protection and ensure that they do not have to bear any loss.

Look Back In History Of Company

“Pioneer Insurance & Security Corporation” has been providing financial protection against vehicle damage, crash and accident since 1954. In the first decade, the company witnessed a significant growth and, later on, came up with “Pioneer Life Incorporated”, a life insurance arm.

The company is one of the few providers of car insurance that specializes in offering OFW Insurance to migrant workers.

Why Go For Pioneer Car Insurance?

Pioneer car insurance Philippines is the strongest and certainly the most looked-for product among the vehicle owners. The products offer coverage for vehicles as well as fleets, thereby giving vehicle owners an option to have financial protection for motor vehicles against any loss or damage. In addition, this car insurance comes with a comprehensive policy, which covers third party liability, theft, loss and damage. Not only this, car owners can also make the most of extensions to the coverage for “Act of Nature” or accident insurance, which is a must in view of the monsoon-prone weather of Philippines.

If You Think It’s a Financial Burden.. You Are Wrong

It is a misconception that comprehensive car insurance is a financial burden, instead, it is a protection that you give to yourself from the stress and worry that may arise from any road mishap.

The two major types of Pioneer car insurance Philippines, comprise of comprehensive motor insurance (personal) and comprehensive motor insurance (fleet). These two products provide protection to insured vehicles from any financial loss incurred from theft, injuries, crash, damage or other liabilities. So, when you are obtaining a car insurance, you are in a way, protecting your hard-earned money. Hence, it is an investment and not an added financial burden.

How To Get It is the platform that enables you to apply for car insurance. Making your application with this platform is simple and even faster. Here, you can get car quote online just by providing your name, phone number, email id, location and car’s details like year of making, current mortgage and model. This will make licensed brokers contact you to explain about the Pioneer car insurance Philippines, and guide you throughout the application procedure.

The advanced system infrastructure and top-notch customer service help speed up the claims processing for longtime clients. The coverage for accident insurance and third-party liability prepares car owners for any unforeseen peril or injury and collateral damage. In short, car owners get signature protection for safeguarding vehicles from maximum road perils.

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