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Looking For Trending Summer Haircuts? | Get That Awesome Look

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Teenage is a period in life when you begin to understand and want to express yourself through your look. Short hairstyles are gaining popularity among the teens, as they are unique since a few of them rock on the same. There are various factors that you should consider when choosing your style. The main ones are your hair texture and face shape. Here are some of the most trending haircuts for teens this summer season that will make you go short on your hair.

Looking For Trending Summer Haircuts? | Get That Awesome Look

1. Classic pixie haircut

The haircut is among the best teen haircut ideas for Summer that looks stunning on young ladies. The hair is cut short all over and may be barely long on the top as compared to the sides. It looks pretty on teens with oval or square face shape. It is ideal for those with low-density fine hair. It requires a little hair product to create enough volume. Avoid the haircut if you have a round or heart-shaped face. For those with curly hair, you should also avoid the cut. Those with oblong or diamond face shape can also opt for the style though not advisable. Find something voluminous if you have a small head.

2. Red flamed waves

This is a pixie cut with wavy bangs dyed with orange or red dye. They have messy edges contouring the bangs. The haircut is dyed in a dual tone to create a more stunning look. It is a vivacious style that looks rocking on teens. You can apply different shades of red according to your personal likes and style. The haircut is pretty for those with round or square-shaped faces.

3. Undercut

The haircut creates a buzzed look and is more flattering to young ladies. It is among the most trending teen haircut ideas for Summer that is unique and fabulous. It features long hair at the top with shaved sides and back. The style should be maintained and styled appropriately to create the fabulous look that you desire. You have to cut the shaved area frequently to prevent it from looking weird. The style is ideal for those with diamond, oval, round, or heart-shaped faces. It looks pretty for those with thick hair. To create a more stunning look, you can curl the section with long hair. If your face is oblong-shaped, avoid the style as it may make it look longer. Those with straight or fine hair will require a lot of styling to prevent it from looking very limp.

4. Long-on-top pixie haircut

The haircut has most lengths on top making it more versatile and stunning among other teen’s haircuts. The long hair can be styled differently depending on your personal style. It can be side-swept or spiked up to create a more fabulous look. It can be smooth and sleek or big and wide. The haircut is ideal for those with oval, round, diamond, square, or heart-shaped face. The long hair looks pretty with waves. Avoid the haircut if have long or oblong face shape. If you have fine straight hair, you will require a lot of styling to give body and volume to the long hairs. It looks flattering on those with loose curls.

5. Closely shaved haircut

The haircut is short in length but high in style. Many teens are opting for a closely shaved haircut for the summer season. It is the easiest short hairstyle to maintain among other teen haircut ideas for Summer. It creates a well-polished elegant look. It looks awesome on those with sparse and low-density hair, as it tends to make it look denser and thicker. It is ideal for those with natural hair. The style looks pretty on teens with all face shapes but more flattering for those with oval or square face shapes. If you are self-conscious with your prominent forehead, avoid the style. You can create a more stunning look by wearing long round earrings to bring out more of your personal style.


The hairstyle you choose will help you express how you feel and how you want to be perceived by others. It is important to choose the best haircut that matches your face and hair texture. Short hairstyles not only look flattering on teens but they are also easy to maintain as compared to long hair. They are versatile and show off your facial feature. The mentioned are just but a few trending haircuts for teens that will make you want to go short on your hair. The most important thing is to choose the best style wisely. With this, you will be in a position to bring out your personal style in a more confident way.

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