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Look Amazing With These Lip Balm Hacks

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A lip balm is a wax-like substance that is applied on the lips to moisturize, hydrate, nourish and relieves chapped or dry lips. Both men and women can use lip balm. It provides a layer to seal moisture on lips preventing moisture loss, maintaining lip comfort and protecting the lips from external exposure; dry air, cold temperatures and winds. They are used for both medicinal purpose to repair chapped lips or for beauty purpose to give your lips a shiny effect. Some even come with different shades of colors that enhance beauty on a woman lips. Lip balms come in different types, and some are fit for dark lips while others are fit for pink lips. Lip balms can be applied in two ways; using a finger or by using a tube that is found inside the lip balm.

Different Flavors of Lip Balms

Lip balms come in very many different flavors. This allows people to have a variety to choose from. These flavors are sweet orange, pineapple, red raspberry, strawberry flavor, mint cocoa, vanilla flavor, wild cherry, beeswax, honey, mango, coconut, pink grapefruit, watermelon and even guava flavor lip balm.

Lip Care Tips

  • Our lips are really sensitive to moisture loss especially if one is exposed in dry and cold conditions. Therefore,you should drink a lot of water to keep the body, skin and lips hydrated. You should also eat nuts since they have nutrients that help to keep the lips smooth.
  • Avoid licking your lips. The saliva contains digestive enzymes that can lead to the soreness of the lips and make them to crack. Therefore, you should avoid licking your lips.
  • Our human lips lack melanin which protects the skin from the direct sun rays thus our lips are not shielded from the sun. Therefore,ensure you carry your lip balm or lip stick that contains an SPF especially when youwill spend your day on the sun.
  • Use lip balms that have beeswax or butter flavor as they help to seal water inside the lips and also repair the already chapped lips.

Lip Balms for Chapped Lips

  • Mint flavor lip balms: These lip balms are recommended for dry lips since they contain shea butter, jojoba and essential oils which soften the lips and repair the chapped lips and do not contain any toxic substances that may harm your lips.
  • Coconut flavor lip balms: This type of lip balms are the best lip balms for chapped lips since they have the moisturizing effect and magic that only the coconut oil can. They repair the chapped lips faster than you can imagine and soften them too.
  • The Tint: This brand of lip balm has ingredients that gives the lips a red shade and also moisturizes and hydrates the chapped lips.
  • The Crème de la Crème: This brand of lip balm comes in different shades that provide a color boost and beauty on your lips as well as moisturizing them. It mostly hydrates the lips enhancing the healing process of chapped lips.
  • Fresh sugar Lip Treatment: These lip balms have a sugary sweet scent.They have a very long lasting moisturizing and hydrating effect on the lips and repair the dry and chapped lips.
  • Castor seed oil, beeswax and lanolin: These lip balms with soften the lips and repairs the chapped lips.

Uses of Lip Balms Other than on your Lips

These uses might surprise you but they will help you know how a lip balm can help you look beautiful when you apply them in some other parts of your body.

  • You can use your lip balm to make your hair look good just by rubbing some little lip balm at the palm of your hand and applying it to your hair. It just works like a hair food.
  • You can also use your lip balm by applying it on your eye lid just before you put on your eye shadow. It gives the moisturizing effect and helps to keep your eyes healthy.
  • Lip balms have a shiny effect that can add some sparkle to your dull shoes just by rubbing some on your shoes.


With these tips, you will be ready to make informed choice on the best lip balm. Before you shop for a lip balm, search for the most effective, easy to use and affordable one. Don’t allow your lips to look ugly when you have the cure just at your doorstep; embrace lip balm.

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