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Labels For Clothing: Woven vs. Satin

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There’s no doubt you want your label on any of the garments that you produce. You want your consumers to know what they are getting and know where they can get more if they really like the look and feel. When it comes to clothing labels, it’s important to choose between woven and satin materials. There are benefits to both that need to be taken into consideration before making a final decision. You’ll need to think about the appearance of the label, what is says about the garment, and how dependable it will be several washes down the road.

Labels For Clothing Woven vs. Satin

Woven Labels

If you want something that is going to stand up to a lot of wear and tear, woven material is the way to go. This means that no matter how many times that t-shirt gets washed, when it comes out, the name of the apparel company is still going to be clear and easy to read. You’ve got lots of colors to choose from and you can make the labels that you want, complete with font, color and texture.

At the same time, the cost of woven labels tends to be lower than the satin alternative. For those that are just getting started, woven offers a way to get the name brand out on those first items without breaking the bank. Despite the lower cost, today’s woven clothing labels are fairly soft and hold up well to their purpose. There’s a chance that people who love your items will continue to check the tags and try and buy something from that same brand.

Satin Labels

If you are trying to achieve a high-end look or feel, satin labels may be your best option. Immediately consumers notice the difference in the way the label looks and when they place a garment on, they are going to notice the different feel. Satin tags are less likely to be removed from an article of clothing because they are uncomfortable. However, in order to get this more expensive look, you’re going to be paying more than you would for traditional woven tags.

If you want the expensive look, you are going to need to sacrifice durability. After spending some time in the wash and being worn, the satin labels are going to start to fade. If you take a peek in your own closet, you’ll probably see a couple of favorite clothing items with these types of tags and struggle to read the brand name of the sizing. Eventually, the information on the satin labels is going to be unrecognizable.

Woven labels and satin labels both bring something unique to the table. It’s important to think about what is most important to you when you place a tag on your clothing item. If you want to make sure that the information lasts and that consumers will see it after many uses, the woven option is going to be best. However, if you are attempting a more expensive look and feel, stick with the satin.

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