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Know How To Differentiate Between Real and Fake Diamonds by Rick Casper Diamond

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With the market filled with a number of fake items, it becomes very difficult for the people to differentiate between the genuine and fake ones. Especially when it comes to diamond, people can get easily fooled by the fake diamonds and may buy it thinking to be the real one.

Know How To Differentiate Between Real and Fake Diamonds by Rick Casper Diamond

Rick Casper Diamond explains how to differentiate between genuine and fake diamonds

Those who are not familiar with the structure and components of the diamond may think cubic zirconia or moissanite to be real diamond while actually they are not. Thus, it becomes essential to know how to spot a fake diamond.

Rick Casper Diamond is a popular gemologist and has vast knowledge about diamond. He imparts knowledge to students about diamond. He points out some tips on how to differentiate between genuine and fake diamonds:

  • Take help of a magnifying glass to get a closer look of the gem and settings. The real diamond should contain certain imperfections while on the other hand the fake stone will not have any imperfections. Then the edges of the diamond must be observed for example, a real diamond will have sharp edges while the fake ones will have round edge. Finally, check the mounting and etchings, most diamonds are mounted in gold or set in platinum and not on gold or silver plated metals.
  • Another test that can be carried out to understand whether the diamond is fake or genuine is to rub a sand paper. A real diamond will never get scratched when rubbed with a sand paper as it is the hardest material in the world. On the other hand, fake diamonds will get scratches.
  • Breathe hot air on diamond, in case it is a real one it will not fog up while on the other hand, if it is a fake diamond it will get fogged up.
  • Hold the diamond close to the light and see how it sparkles. For instance, a real diamond will glitter white and grey inside and will reproduce rainbow colors outside. On the other hand, counterfeit diamond will reproduce rainbow colors all through.
  • Once all these above mentioned tests are carried out, it is always better to take the diamond to a gemologist. As they are experts in this field, they can use their expertise and a number of innovative tools to tell you whether the stone is a real diamond or not.

Some of the types of stones that are often used in place of diamond are white topaz, sapphire, cubic zirconium, moissanites etc. Then there are lab-grown diamonds as well that are technically real diamonds but they will not make for the same price as a mined diamond.

This is why Rick Casper says that it is important to test the stone to make out whether it is a real diamond or not.

Apart from being a gemologist, Rick Casper Diamond works as a mentor to a number of young fellows who aim to work with precious stones. He has a student who is currently enrolled in the Graduate Gemologist Program at the Gemological Institute of America. In the spare times, Rick Casper likes to listen to the hip-hop records or watches anime films and series.

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