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Keep Your Anxiety and Stress At Bay By Taking Herbal Supplements

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Stress and anxiety are two very important things that naturally come to you if you are into full time work. Not only work, but family problems and various other incidents can have a negative impact on your mind. Stress and anxiety attacks can become a permanent problem if they are not attended to in the early stages. If you still haven’t had an anxiety attack, ask someone who has. It is not only painful, but the feeling is such that your brain is going to explode. In such a situation your nerves have to be calmed down and the best medicine for it will be herbal and organic capsules. You might think that seeing a doctor would help. That is definitely one way of combating the problem, but if you want immediate and long lasting results, you should go for the herbal supplements. These products are available without any prescription. That does not mean they are harmful or have any side effects. It is just that they are not treated like the medicines that you normally get in the pharmacy.

Keep Your Anxiety and Stress At Bay By Taking Herbal Supplements

Appropriate Dosage

Once you buy a medicine like this, your first question would be how much you should consume on a daily basis. The dosage varies between a male and a female. For males, it is ideal to take around 15-17 mg per pound of your body weight. If you are in your early twenties you can take 2.5 grams per day. However, you need to split the entire dose into 2-3 times a day. For females, it should be around 8-10 mg per pound of the body weight. Unlike males, females should take a total of 1 gram in the entire day and it should be divided into 2-3 doses. For further details on dosages and the appropriate timing of the dose, you can visit the website It has all the details that you would be looking for.

How to take?

After learning the appropriate amount of supplement that you will have to take, it is time to know the right process of consuming the item. These products are normally available in powdered form. You will also get capsule and crystallized form of the same and the dosage will depend on that as well. It is better to check the instructions on the bottle before consuming it. Doctors recommend taking the capsules because it is easier to understand the dosage. Initially, you will feel a sour and bitter taste, but try taking it with water and you will not feel so disgusting.

Best Time

People often ask the best time to take these capsules. Honestly speaking, there are no fixed timings to take them. One thing that you need to keep in mind is you should at least give 2-3 hours of break in between every intake. This helps the medicine to work properly. Once it starts working, you will feel your nerves start to calm down and there will be sensation of relief. All your anxiety and stress will be long gone if you complete the full course. If you are still not sure about the timings of the dosage, you can check for more information.

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