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Jury Trial and Selection In Civil Litigation

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Jury Trial Explained

Understanding how court proceedings are carried out would give you an insight into the system, as well as guide you through when matters concerning the same arise.

Jury trial process is regarded to be a legal proceeding whereby the body of people known as the “jury” produces a correct fact or rather brings forward the evidence of their research on a case. Which then results to the next action action of the judge. Jury trial is often distinguished from what is known as the bench trial, which points out panels of judges as decision makers over all issues.

Jury Trial and Selection In Civil Litigation

To further strengthen the judgement of the chief judge, Juries assigned are always ensured to be specific and unbiased in passing evidence, and thus the main reason why the number of people encompassed in a team are always up to 12. Ready to serve and sworn an oath of direct and accurate verdict regardless of the case.

Civil Litigation Explained

In the same vein, Civil litigation refers to the process in which related matters are resolved in the law court. Since civil matters are situations which deals directly with people and relationships between them, for example; marriage, job contract, land dispute, etc. Corresponding civil laws are made by legislators are inclined at handling the same matters. And laws are not really made through mostly decisions by judges, or the ones contained in a drafted book. The said litigation proceedings are maintained by these statutes.

How are Juries Often Selected

Depending on the situation of things in your own case. Normally, jurors or people who serve as jurors are often selected at a random by the law court of the government itself. So it’s a matter of whom is invited to serve, who gets the mail and the summon through phone call. It might be possible that lawyers become part of a jury team, it is also possible that random individuals are chosen for the task.

Once the jurors responds and ready for the undertaking, the next series of projects commences. One thing you are expected to know is this, there are factors that are often considered in the selection. To ensure accuracy, unbiased judgement of pronouncement of findings etc.

  • A good number of courts insists on approximately 12 men team to embark on a jury research.
  • In terms of core criminal issues or cases. Total number of twelve jurors are a must.
  • For civil matters or case, less than twelve man-team is allowed.

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