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Jon Bunge Chicago – Why You Shouldn’t Break The Law

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We are all raised to understand the law and taught to respect it but in spite of this each year there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who believe that they are above the law. I spoke with Jon Bunge Chicago attorney about the fact that Illinois alone saw record numbers of petty crimes committed last year and reading through the content of the documents about each crime, it is clear that many of the people are not career criminals but first time law breakers who received firm and swift punishment.

Jon Bunge Chicago - Why You Shouldn’t Break The Law

Breaking the law simply isn’t worth it, no matter how much you agree with the law and here are just a few reasons why you should never break it.

Behind Bars

Whether you like it or not, if you break the law you could very well end up behind bars, an experience which is possibly one of the least enjoyable in life. Many think that if it is their first time breaking the law that they can avoid jail time but this simply isn’t the case and many first time offenders currently reside in prisons throughout the country. In prison you have zero freedom, you are far from your loved ones and you will eat, wash and relax when you are told to. Avoid this horrific experience and stay within the law.

Financial Implications

Even if you are spared jail for your crime it is likely that you will have to pay a fine as well as paying for the fees of attorneys and court costs. It has not been uncommon that the money which people have paid in the past for their legal fees and fines have left them financially crippled. This means that even if you are able to avoid going to jail, your life will be made far more difficult once you walk out of court.

Personal Relationships

Relationships with your family or your partner can be damaged greatly as a result of you breaking the law and there are many people who are estranged from their loved ones as a result of this. Naturally much of this will depend on the severity of your crime but if you are forced to spend time in jail then you can expect your personal relationships to be deeply damaged, so much so that you may never be able to fix them.

Life Implications

A huge amount of people lose their jobs when they are convicted of a crime, and these people will have great problems in the future finding a job as a convicted felon. This is something that many people do not consider when they break the law but it can really change the face of your life on the whole.

Imagine being spotless because of your legal fees, jobless because of your conviction with no work on the horizon and having had your family and partner desert you. This is an example of what could happen to you if you break the law and doing so simply is not worth it.

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