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James P DeVellis On Total Knee Replacements

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While a total knee replacement may be one of the most common procedures completed by orthopedic surgeons, it is recommended only as a last resort. According to James P DeVellis, a bit of an old fox himself, it is designed to those who have arthritis, common with aging. That said, people who have had major trauma may also require this surgery.

James P DeVellis On Total Knee Replacements

James P DeVellis on the Knee Replacement

A total knee replacement is a significant procedure that is not without risks. Sometimes, the operation is not successful at all. This is not down to some sort of misconduct, but rather because the implants have a very high rate of failure. In fact, allegations have been made against Depuy and Zimmer products, which have often been recalled.

If the procedure is not successful, people will have to have a second surgery to complete it. They do so voluntarily, but most would prefer to not experience the problems associated with this, which includes pain and tissue damage. This is why it is so important to choose a local specialist that is trusted and qualified to do so.

Top Tips to Find a Knee Surgeon

  1. This surgery should always be a last resort. There are a lot of other options as well, and it is usually not until those options have been exhausted that surgery will be offered. Hence, consider options such as prescription drugs, cartilage treatments such as Synvisc, analgesics, physical therapy, and so on. Only once everything fails should you consider surgery.
  2. Make sure that you speak to different specialists. Find out whether there is any news about them, what other people have experienced, and more. Have multiple consultations so that you get a good idea of what your options are.
  3. Speak to your relatives, friends, and colleagues. They may have had knee problems themselves or know someone who has. They could have the valuable impact to give you.
  4. Use the internet to search for surgeons in your local area. Do consider a slightly wider geographical area if your insurance allows for it. Also, use the internet to find out how other people have experienced total knee replacement and whether it has been a successful procedure for them. There are also forums and social media groups in which you can speak to others who have gone through similar problems as you.
  5. A doctor’s reputation is their most valuable asset. Hence, make sure that your surgeon has a good one. They should perform many surgeries every year and have had great successes with this.
  6. Determine whether gender-based knee surgery is more suitable for you. There are some differences between a male and female body.
  7. Make sure that you are provided with all the information you need for the procedure, how to recover, what the costs are, and what you can expect on an emotional level as well. You must provide your specialist with all your medical records and history so that they can develop a treatment plan that is appropriate to your personal needs.
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