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Its All In The Fragrance: Positive Effects Of Fragrance On Your Mood

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Happines is what people search for throughout their life. People do different things to smile and see themselves happy. From going to stand up comic shows to revisiting memories of childhood are different ways to add happiness.  Endorphins ,Serotonin,  Dopamine and Oxytocin are some of the hormones responsible for our happiness. Our spiritual equilibrium, psychological, physical imbalances, well-being and many other aspect of life are contingent upon the quantity and release of hormones that our body contain. Watching an open-mic stand up comedy show is one of the way that increases the release of those hormones which makes us happy.This post will tell you how using best home fragrance will make you feel better and happier.

Fragrance are directly related to our sense of smelling. Essential oils are very effective in creating an aroma around you that can make you feel better.The effect of fragrance is comprehensive on body and soul. They directly affect our brain and create a divine aura. When fragrance gets into the bloodstream they are transported into the nervous system. As the  particles/molecules of fragrance are tiny, they easily gain entrance to the brain.Home Fragrance are made up of chemical and electric charges in them which makes it convenient for them to fit instantly to your surroundings.  Fragrance are distilled from various parts of the given plants such as roots,flower, bark and shrub etc., Like human beings, they are alive, both chemically and electrically.

Its All In The Fragrance: Positive Effects Of Fragrance On Your Mood

But the point you must be pondering upon would be how to effectively use them? There are multiple ways of using them. You can place few sprays on cotton and keep them in different corners. Moreover, you can spray them over the curtain that continuously moves due to wind. Now if you are willing to try them out it can be daunting process. As there are so many scents available in market it is really difficult to choose among different types that will suit your purpose. You can follow your discretion for choosing your favorite one. The choice of favorite is very subjective depending on personal life experience of each individual. However,Rose, Melissa, Sandalwood, Lavender Angelica and Geranium are some of the useful essential oils  to choose from that can heal you. Anxiety, depression, fatigue, headaches, indigestion, menstrual cramps and muscle soreness are persistent problem that can be cured by using fragrance in aromatherapy.

Most of the time the power of scent is overlooked and the splendid potential of scent is ignored unintentionally. Whether you are in office or at home you can make the best out of the scent of essential oils. Creating a symbiosis in various parts and systems of body requires external effort apart from internal one(medication).  Immune, Respiratory and Circulatory Systems are some of the major body system which are differently affected by various fragrance. Also it is important to know that most of us in some way feel the effect of fragrance in our daily live but don’t pay the attention to their effect on our sensory system. For example when we smell the fragrance of fresh raindrops on raw soil or the oil and shampoo we apply to our hair.

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