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Is Your Business Providing An Open Invitation To Cyber-Criminals?

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It is not uncommon in today’s business landscape to hear of companies being threatened and/or actually ending up the victims of cyber-attacks.

That said your business doesn’t have to end up being one of the unlucky ones.

With the right line of protection in place, you can all but negate cyber-attacks from coming your way.

Keep in mind, however, that it is always important you never become lax in your security measures.

If that happens, you could very well be providing an open invitation to cyber-criminals.

 Is Your Business Providing An Open Invitation To Cyber-Criminals

Regularly Review Your Security Measures

For businesses to stay one step ahead of cyber-criminals, remember to follow these guidelines:

  • Review security measures – At the top of the protection list should be making sure you review your security measures. By doing so, you hopefully avoid becoming complacent, keeping your eyes and ears focused for possible threats. As part of your review process, look to see where your website may be most vulnerable. Have you made any major design or system changes to the site recently? If so, make sure your level of security protection has remained steady. If you’ve had an influx of new hires lately, make sure all employees (see more below) are instructed on what is and isn’t allowed on office computers. Sometimes a simple slip-up by an employee using an office computer or mobile device can unleash what was supposed to be private data (both company and customer). Finally, make sure your server provider is still as secure as possible. If not totally happy with the company in charge of your server, don’t hesitate to consider switching vendors;
  • Secure products and services – What type of applications are you using to secure online transmissions between office employees and/or with customers? If you’re searching to find an android security solution, take the needed time and effort to get the right one the first time around. In trying to find the best security apparatus, look for one that offers your brand the best performance-enhancing tools for Android usage. For any apps you are installing/downloading in the office, you want security protection that will prevent viruses/malicious malware from working its way into your system. Cyber-criminals are adept at trying to get people to download fake apps and other such malicious programs;
  • Those employees matter too – As noted earlier, employees come and go with just about all businesses. Due to that fact, you will end up having to train countless new workers over the years. In doing so, it is vital that each and every one of those new employees understands the importance of computer security within and even outside the workplace. Inside the office, they need to make sure they are not passing around sensitive company and/or customer information on computers, especially when accessing the Internet. The same holds true for those employees who have to travel for work and/or telecommute for you. Unlike an office setting where it is assumed you have a secure server network, the same can’t always be said for outside the workplace. If you have employees traveling to do business with clients or represent you at networking events, it is imperative that they have a secure Internet connection for both desktops/laptops and hand-held devices. If they can’t be sure that is the case, they should not be opening and transmitting sensitive data;
  • Social networking security – Given the fact countless millions of people are on social media sites all at one time, the need for security continues there too. Finding the right android security solution for social needs means protecting your privacy as a business owner. While you obviously want some of your business information out there in the public eye, there is also a lot of data and details that must remain private. Also remind your employees about never sharing sensitive company/customer information on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social networking URLs your business has.

As part of your overall business strategy, staying safe from cyber-criminals should be at or near the top of your priorities.

Remember, it just takes one successful hit from a cyber-criminal on your business to leave you reeling.

In order to all but eliminate that from ever happening, don’t provide an open invitation to such thieves.

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