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Is Jute and Sisal are same?

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The other name of jute is hessian and it is long vegetable fiber and these natural fiber rugs are handwoven using other plant fibers and hessian fibers which ultimately makes the beautiful organic home decors. Both sisal and jute are the most popular fiber rugs which look alike and thus are grouped together but actually they are not the same. Sisal is a stiffer fiber that is stripped from leaves of Mexican Agave Plant and then it is spun into yarn-like material.

What’s the difference between Jute & Sisal?

Though jute and sisal fibers are similar in appearance but differ in durability and texture. Sisal fiber is harvested from the agave plant and it is sustainable as well as eco-friendly. The jute carpet is available in different sizes and shapes thus providing a perfect fit for your home. While jute is harvested from Bengal Delta plain and the handcrafted jute rugs looks great and are available in different shapes like round, ovals or many other shapes which fit perfectly in the indoors and outdoors of the home. The sisal carpet is creamy white hue, natural and it can be dyed in any color which makes it easy to create a customized rug that perfectly matches the interiors of the home or the interior designs. Sisal is one of the strongest natural fibers and great for high traffic areas like hallways, entryways in home, hospitality space and commercial office. The different commercial sisal products are available in different patterns such as flat woven, diamond pattern, linear pattern, etc. The sisal rugs give an elegant look that looks totally natural, functional, fashionable and it serves as a great foundation for any office, living room, mudroom or even retail store. The best advantages of sisal rugs are that they are not only durable but also sound-absorbent, naturally insulating, anti-static and flame resistant.  The spaces are very well compliments with the design and style of sisal rugs.

The jute rugs are natural brown hue which is woven from the stalks of jute plants. Unlike sisal, jute is one of the softest natural fibers; therefore they are slightly less durable. The jute fibers are very soft to touch and are ideal for light traffic areas where even bare feet also enjoy the gentle weave. The Floorspace jute carpet is available in different patterns and designs which are loved by customers and become their first choices. Customers can easily make the choice between jute and sisal fiber depending upon the high traffic or low traffic spaces. For low traffic rooms or hotels, the jute rugs or jute fibers are the best options. While for high traffic or busier spaces such as a commercial office or hotel lobby, the best option is sisal fiber. Jute rugs are really beautiful with a natural look and add texture and warmth to the room. These are less expensive as compared to other rugs which are of the same size. The jute rugs are available in different patterns and styles. Thus these products are highly admired by the customers.

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