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Is It Worth Getting Emails For My Domain Name?

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A lot of consumers who purchase domain names nowadays will not actually do a lot with them. Unless they already have a pre-existing company of a size where they require a website it will usually just stay dormant as a domain for quite some time until they work out what to do with it. This is great if you are just literally looking to secure your specific domain name, but the thing is having a domain name that is specific to yourself or has no value on a market is no good unless you can actually do something with it. If you are just holding the name so that nobody else gets it that is absolutely fine and actually quite admirable, but doing something with that domain at the same time and getting some use for it is of vital importance in my opinion.

If you are not planning on getting a website or hosting for your domain even as a parking page or a free site builder site then the thing that you should get pre-emptively before a site in any case would have to be email services. Emails are a huge part of business whichever sector you work in and whether you have a website or not, as even on business cards customers want a way to get into contact with you besides a number if they cant get through or don’t like telephone conversations. Emails are the simplest way of doing this and having emails for your domain rather than through another company such as Hotmail or Google looks a lot more professional and allows you to have a frontier for your business rather than having it on a personal level.

Emails for domains are worth it just in these few regards, but there are quite a few other advantages to having emails with your domain. For instance, you can have multiple email accounts on the same domain with most email packages and you can delegate the amount of disk space that each account gets to use up. Not only does this give you good reasoning and delegating skills but it also means that your employees or anybody who has an email address with you needs to stay extremely organised to keep on top of their emails, and organisational skills are imperative for the success of any business.

Using your email addresses for support and communication between customers is obviously valued and very important when looking to show a strong face for your company. However, having good inter-office communications is useful aswell and not everything that is heard manually by ear will be adhered to or remembered. Once again emails help with organisation as if you email tasks through to colleagues they are far more likely to get them done quicker and also give a response when things have been completed or resolved. Email services from companies such as will give you a certain amount of diskspace as well as a maximum number of accounts, so work out what you need for the best deal for you.

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