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Is IB Curriculum The Way Forward For A Progressive Generation?

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The young urban parents these days look for extraordinary learning processes for their children. Let’s check out the IB learning method in detail before you take a decision regarding your child’s education.

1. How does the International Baccalaureate Program Work?

The International Baccalaureate is a methodical representation of learning with kids as dynamic contributors in the educational procedure.  It is run by a non-profit educational establishment based out of Geneva, Switzerland. As per the beliefs of the foundation, “the International Baccalaureate focuses on structuring an analytical, well-informed and compassionate young generation who could lend a hand to build a healthier and more non-violent world through inter-cultural awareness and admiration.” In the beginning, the International Baccalaureate has extended to a 3 stage learning program that covers students from 3 – 19 years. They are:

  • Primary Years Program  for children between the age group of 3 – 12 years
  • Middle Years Program  for children between the age group 11 – 16 years
  • IB Diploma for children between the age group  16 – 19 years

The IB Diploma is one of the most demanding school-leaving certificates in the world. The IB Diploma is presented in English, French or Spanish languages.  Students learn 6 subjects, 3 at a senior level and 3 at a standard point and the subjects are selected from 6 groups. Besides these, learners have to accomplish 3 other centre needs:

  • Extended Essay – to be written on a subject of the learner’s preference following firmly defined rules and to be presented in the concluding year.
  • Theory of Knowledge – which asks learners to replicate on how they identify what they know?
  • Creativity, Action and Service – which involves a particular number of hours dedicated to the arts, sporting activities and community service.

Is IB Curriculum The Way Forward For A Progressive Generation?

2. What is so positive about IB curriculum?

  • IB Programs are globally acknowledged and considered to smooth the educational shifts of internationally moving learners with the intention that their education is not unfavourably affected by the transfer.
  • IB World Schools are caused to undergo a stern official recognition procedure scrutinized by the International Baccalaureate Organization, therefore, you can be convinced that the school is putting forward a quality education.
  • IB teachers take part in many certified improvement opportunities to frequently advance their knowledge of present educational training and fresh thoughts.
  • IB training modes and curriculum are research based and represent the best tradition from educational structures around the world.
  • IB learners graduating with the IB Diploma are capable of learning at universities all around the world, time and again with sophisticated acknowledgements.

3. What are not so positive about IB curriculum?

 The IB Organization frames the educational structure but not the syllabus, as a result, what is trained still  differs from school to school.

  • Even though all IB schools are globally certified, not all IB schools are identical.  A few are without a doubt more studious than others.
  • The benchmark of the IB Diploma is exceptionally elevated and the most competitive universities insist students to attain high marks in all six subjects.

Schools in India these days are updating their standards by adopting the globally recognised IB curriculum considering the positive impacts it has on the physical and mental growth of students and the increasing demands from the new generation parents. Especially the top 5 IB schools in Bangalore are witnessing an increased number of children getting enrolled in their IB program each year. If the changes are happening in the right direction, then we could expect a flourishing and positive future ahead.

Minu Aravind is a professional freelance content writer and blogger with a strong passion for writing. She works in the sphere of online marketing and communication, focusing majorly on social media communication. She is an expert in writing blogs concerning the field of education, especially about international schools in India.

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