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Interesting Facts On Golf By Bob Mims CPA

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Golf is a classic sport, which involves unbelievable strategies to be designed by the players and the diversifications on how to put the ball in the hole with every distance and club speed determines the game largely. Like most of the popular games of the century, golf never fails to amaze with some of the best ever records in the history, which has made the game one of the most followed across the globe. Played first in Scotland around 15th century, Golf got its ever praying recognition faster than any other sports in that century. Bob Mims CPA , an ardent golf follower explains some facts about Golf, ever since its inceptions,

Interesting Facts On Golf By Bob Mims CPA

  • As a part of a long history, Golf was banned 3 times in the past by the Scottish government, who felt the game being an assistance or deterrent with military training procedures across the society.
  • PGA tour is a golf based tournament, which has seen numerous legends over the years.Players such as Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy and many others, who have held the flagship for quite some years. Tiger Woods in particular, has won the highest number of PGA tours and games, with over 77 title wins in a career, filled with numerous vicissitudes. Bob Mims CPA feels PGA to be the best tournament with respect to golfs.
  • Phil Mickelson, a popular golfer played in right handed side, although he is a naturally left handed person in nature.
  • A statistics has claimed that no golfer will ever have a handicap win under 18.
  • Women played Golf for the first time in the year 1811, in Scotland.
  • 375 feet Is the length of the longest putt ever to have been hit.
  • Around 2 centuries back, the initial set of golf balls were first made of feathers wrapped in leather over what is seen or available today. Remarkably, these balls flew to a large distance, than whatcould have been expected, in the time era beyond these.
  • Golf enthusiast will come across a term called as Birdie. Ab Smith, who was claimed to hit an amazing bird of a shot, coined this term in the year 1889.
  • The highest golf course in the planet was located in Peru. It was called as the Tuctu Golf Club, in Morococha, which was located at a staggering 14,335 feet or about 4369 meters above mean sea level. This course was shut down for good in the year 1993; following numerous players complaining different health related issues like AMS, breathlessness during rounds.
  • Golf Balls travels larger distances during sunny days. On a hot day, the golf ball travels a considerate distance when the air is warm and unlike cold air, the resistance levels are quite higher in sunny days. Thus, it is worth playing the games on a Sunny afternoon that that of a typical winter mornings.

With so many technicalities and records set against the game’s rich history. Golf is one game, which requires players to understand the correct ways to swing the club. Bob Mims CPA explains the technicalities on how to swing a club in the most extensive manner.

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