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Importance Of SEO and PPC For Website Traffic Enhancement

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Online marketing, especially via search engines is very important. People mostly land on your website through search engine instead of direct approach. It is reported that 81% users make use of search engines to find their preferred destination. It is very clear from this research that your brand needs to maintain a strong presence on search engines. This makes sure that you are before your target audience.

About SEO

Adhering to SEO best practice can get your site displayed on the first result page prominently and often. However, reaching the summit using free, natural pathway is time-consuming, but a valuable investment.

About PPC

Building traffic achieving high rankings via natural search takes a lot of effort and time and there are other ways too. PPC ad campaign helps to reach potential clients faster and promote your brand quickly. Pay per click means you will need to pay for each clicks on your sponsored ads.

Which is better? SEO or PPC

The answer to this question will depend on your budget and needs. For fast and more traffic PPC is good, if you are ready to pay. If you are on tight budget then it is sensible to invest time in pursuing high search rankings via SEO tactics.

If you possess a budget then investing in PPC ad is beneficial.

  • Fast testing – Conversion is the main focus of online business, when they are selling products, sign-up subscribers or conducting other tasks. It means you need to test the website variables consistently to enhance the conversion rates. However, to perform these tests traffic is needed to generate the data. PPC ad campaign can help you to get fast results.
  • Protect from search engine algorithm updates – Search engine algorithms fluctuate consistently. It is necessary to be on the watch and optimize your website or you can lose rankings and profits, overnight. However, with paid traffic you are assured a steady traffic, no matter what algorithm changes are made by Google or other search engines.

SEO is actually, the most respected resource according to searchers.

  • Improves website credibility – As per the heat maps, it is revealed that searchers focus on top organic results. The true strength of PPC is its speed and scale. On the other hand, users trust search bots and presence on first page results in enhanced website credibility.
  • Competitive edge – If two sites sell same products then the probability of having more clients and sales of an SE optimized website increases. The algorithms related to searches are complex and following it provides you an advantage over the non-optimized ones and enhances your probability to rank high.
  • Relatively cost-effective – The key benefit of SEO is that it is a relatively cost-effective strategy for online marketing. If you compare it with other digital marketing forms like SMM, PPC or email marketing then you will discover that SEO provides better ROI.

PPC draws great revenue as well as social media is more significant for your brand reputation but organic SEO is the foundation of your online endurance in many ways. An expert SEO agency like Bozeman local SEO can help your website get friendly with major search engines and draw heavy traffic that enhances your business.

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