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Ideas To Prolong The Life Of Your Favorite Sofa and Armchairs

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If you love your favourite sofa and your nice and cosy armchairs too much to bid them farewell and get new ones, then you are just like me and the majority of people actually. Unfortunately, with time, our living room furniture gets worn down, and the number of stains and soiling increases with the years of intensive use.

Still, there is no need to start saving up for new furniture just yet. There are some clever tips to clean and renew the upholstery in your home, which will bring a fresher feeling to your home and will save you a considerable amount of money.

First of all, make sure you start by removing the serious crusty stains by carefully scraping them off with a spoon or other blunt instrument, so as not to ruin the textile. The best way to guarantee that there will be no staining is to dab up that spilled food, drink or other substance from your upholstery as soon as possible after the accident. Always be gentle though, because you don’t want to increase the damage rather than remove eliminate it. Soft dabbing with a sponge is better than intensive scrubbing, because you will limit the staining to the spot of the spillage and will also prevent actually rubbing the substance in the upholstery and ruining the textile.

Ideas To Prolong The Life Of Your Favorite Sofa and Armchairs

The next step is to get the hoover out and thoroughly vacuum the entire sofa and armchairs in order to get as much dust and dirt out as possible. Remember to hoover all the cushions and underneath them as well. You will be amazed by the quantity of dust accumulated there.

After this comes the gentle washing of the upholstery. Use a mild and possibly an all-natural dish detergent mixed into foam with four parts of lukewarm water. Avoid using really hot water because it can actually cook any proteins which have been spilled on your favourite furniture, plus applying boiling hot water can shrink and ruin the textile.

Use a nice soft brush to wash your furniture with this foam, and treat the stains more thoroughly until you see the wanted results. You can remove the leftover soiled foam with a rubber spatula or spoon.

After treating the upholstery with the foam, you should gently wash it off with clear warm water applied with a cloth or well-rinsed sponge. Don’t use too much water though.

Make sure you let your furniture dry off well before using it, and ensure it dries off quickly because of the danger of the development of mould or mildew which could be hazardous to the health.

Naturally, if you want to really deep clean your living room furniture you should consider calling a professional upholstery cleaning company in Bolton, which will efficiently clean your furniture and it will end up as good as new.

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