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I’d be a Potato Any Day!

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Statistically speaking, potatoes are perhaps one veggie that happens to be the most produced crop around the world. Just behind wheat and rice (in some countries corn too), potatoes take the lead as they most consumed crop around the world. Considering how many ways one can use potatoes, they happen to be the most versatile food item on the planet yet not given as much credit for the diversity as it has to offer. But this ends today! I will be advocating potatoes for all of us food lovers out there, read on.

Potato Puns

What did potatoes ever do to you? They are always used for some brilliant insults or for mocking each other! When someone is fat you somehow assume you have the right to call them a ‘Fat potato’. A lazy person with lack of motivation and lacks excitement towards life is immediately referred to as ‘Lazy Potato’. Someone who sits around a lot or binge watches favorite series for hours is called ‘Couch Potato’. Then the worst category this poor vegetable has been slotted in, and by far the most insulting, is ‘I look like a Potato’ when one doesn’t feel they look good! How degrading? Since when did a potato get to be seen as the ugly one? Trending these days is a cruel meme humor that uses the name of a potato to describe a photograph of low quality and not to forget how we have heard people use ‘Uneducated Potato’ as an educational insult.

Different Ways To Eat It

In the potatoes defense, they are the most flexible vegetables that one can add to their meal. They serve as the perfect sideline, appetizers, and snacks. You want a full meal at a restaurant? Have mashed or baked potatoes. They also compliment your full meal in the form of fries or wedges. Ready for the movie night or a late night snack? There are variety of chips that you can binge on! Oh and did I forget hash browns? No, now you probably even crave for it too. This is one vegetable that almost compliments just about any meal, any day.

Kinds of Potatoes

Potatoes are farmed in a few main groups. Russets the brown skinned, Yukon the yellow skinned potatoes, then we have white skinned, red skinned, and even purple skinned potatoes. While all these are also available as baby potatoes. Each of these consist of different content of starch and moisture in it, making each type suitable for a different dish. If you haven’t had your luck with baby potatoes, try them out today. Get the best discounted offer on both yellow and red baby potatoes from flyers here and try a bowl of ‘roasted baby potatoes with rosemary’ or ‘baby potato with herbed butter’.

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