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HTC One M10 – would it be a remarkable handset?

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The HTC handset was first launched in 2013; this model was followed by the brilliant HTC One M8. Now what would HTC M10 offer? We know that you are very eager to know about the possible features of HTC One M10. It’s quite right that you can get numerous articles on virtual pool about the possible specification and features of this captivating model.

This article is based on bringing rumors and speculation about this handset in front of you.Our endeavour is the bring the most accurate information in front of you so that you can rely on it. The speculation is that it might be released in February or March of 2016. Well, it may not be called possibly with the same name. The reasons for a new naming system could be due to poor sale of HTC One M9; HTC don’t want its new model to be compared with it. It might a new nomenclature, possibly HTC Two.

The chairperson of HTC Cher Wang has apologised for the disappointing performance of HTC One M9. She further added that the company would soon launcha “hero product”, which would come with many improvements and innovations. So, let us fingers till its release.

The price of HTC M8 was 550 pound and that of HTC One M9. So you can be prepared for the similar hike in the new model. May be it is too early to comment about the prices as there can be drastic hike in the price in case something completely different is brought in this new model.

There were issues in the HTC One M9 which were probably due to faults in Snapdragon 810, so we can expect a superior version Snapdragon 820 in HTC One M10. The striking appearance of the HTC handsets with aluminum unibody is expected in the new model as well. It would be possibly a waterproof one.  One of the rumours suggests that the storage options could be 64 GB and 128 GB along with the 4GB RAM. It is quite true that the criticism regarding the microSD slot was addressed in HTC One M9, by bending it backwards; in addition to it might have on-board storage.

The camera would be certainly better in HTC One M10 and would have 27Mp main camera and a 5Mp front camera.A 3500mAh battery is expected in this model. The likely screen size could be 5in and it might have 4K screen resolution. As per a report from the China the screen size is expected in this model is 6in and it might have QHD resolution – 2560×1440 displays. The internet rumours are stating that QHD resolution would bring this model at par with the rivals such as LG and Samsung.

We hope you are now is a position to guess the probable specification and features of HTC One M10. Trust us; you would simply fall in love with this awesome model. Keep visiting to know more.

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