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How Well Do You Know The Hub Of Textiles- Ahmedabad?

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Ahmedabad is the largest city in the state of Gujarat and was once the capital of the state too. In the past decade or so, Ahmedabad has shown tremendous growth and a noticeable economic growth. The city lies on the banks of river Sabarmati and is considered to be one of the finest cities of western India.

How Well Do You Know The Hub Of Textiles- Ahmedabad?

But apart from these, how much do you actually know about Ahmedabad? In today’s article let’s find out interesting facts about Ahmedabad that most of us haven’t known. You may know all about the cheap hotels in Ahmedabad and the eateries they’re famous for. But let’s take this a step ahead and get to know 10 more interesting facts about the city.

  1. Did you know? Ahmedabad is known by various other names by the locals such as Rajnagar, Shrinagar, Amdavad, Ahimdavad, Ahamdavad, Ahamadpur, Akmipur and Ahmednagar. Pretty confusing huh?
  2. Did you know? The legendary historian Todamal and the musician Tansen from the Mughal court were both from Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad takes pride in these two gems.
  3. Did you know? In past 600 years, Gujarat has seen quite a few rulers. Mughals, Marathas and the British to name a few prominent ones.
  4. Did you know? The first textile mill was set up in 1862 and ever since then the textile industry has flourished and takes the credit for all the growth and expansion of the city.
  5. Did you know? Ahmedabad has also inspired the SBI logo? Yes it has! The Kankaria Lake that is a manmade lake that is near Ahmedabad. It looks like the SBI logo when watched from the top (aerial view). Now how cool is that?
  6. Did you know? The IIMs that are very famous in India are just set up in a couple of cities. Ahmedabad was the second city to set up an IIM after Calcutta in the year 1961. This prestigious institution is still very famous and receives lakhs of applications every year.
  7. Did you know? Ahmedabad has a special theme restaurant that is very unusual and kind of spooky at the same time. Yes, the city has a restaurant which is built on the graveyard. But, the graves are still intact as the chair and tables are placed around them, hence not disturbing the graves at all.
  8. Did you know? The Forbes listed the city to be the 3rdfastest growing city in the year 2010. You might be shocked to know that the per capita income of Ahmedabad is twice as much as the whole country.
  9. Did you know? The city is home to kite museum. The kite festival is very famous in Gujarat and is celebrated with every bit of enthusiasm. But ever though they would own a museum for it too?
  10. Did you know? There are a number of heritage hotels Ahmedabad. Yes, because of being ruled by various rulers, the city has a number of palaces and forts that have now been converted into hotels. Want a taste of the royal life? You can have it in here!
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