How To Use A Ladder Safely

How To Use A Ladder Safely

There are a vast number of reasons that ladders have been incredibly unsafe. People that are renovating their homes and professionals that use ladders every day on their job should take every possible measure to ensure their safety when it comes to using these tools. Thankfully, there are companies, like National Fleet, that make products with the specific purpose of reducing the risks for injury.

Transporting the Ladder

For example, transporting a ladder can be a dangerous endeavor all by itself. Too often people will haphazardly put a ladder on the top of their vehicle, risking it falling off in traffic and causing an accident. That is why there are items available like van ladder racks. The frame attaches to the vehicle, and the ladder locks into the frame; thereby securing it from any hazardous mistakes.

The Right Ladder

Picking the right ladder for the job can be just as important as transporting it properly. Someone that is wanting to renovate their bathroom does not necessarily need one that has a forty foot span. On the other hand, the person that needs to change their roof should not select a ladder that only reaches five foot. While those examples are two extremes, even a foot in difference could cause a person to overreach or misjudge a distance and increase their risk of an accident happening. There are, of course, other factors that come into play when considering purchasing a ladder, like how much weight it can handle (important if there will be heavy equipment carried up and down the ladder) or if the ladder has rubber grips on the bottom to prevent it from sliding on smooth surfaces.

Using Caution

As always, a tool is only as safe as the person using it. While ladders are not necessarily the most dangerous tool in the toolshed, misusing it can cause some severe injuries. There are a few good points to remember when using a ladder correctly. Outside of transporting it securely, someone moving a ladder with a large span should be extremely aware of their surroundings. Backing a vehicle up without being aware of the ladder’s extended reach, even with it attached firmly, can damage other vehicles or buildings. On the same hand, carrying a ladder requires the same level of awareness. There’s little doubt that another person would not enjoy being pummelled by a swinging ladder.

Regardless, ladder safety is an important issue when it comes to personal renovations or construction workplaces. Being aware, securing it during transport, and knowing which ladder to get are all steps in making sure that using a ladder remains safe

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