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How to Turn Morning Zombies into People Again

2 Mins read

So you wake up. You hate this world, because only crazy people in some TV commercials and unicorns adore waking up early in the morning. You hate your alarm clock, you hate that creature that is still sleeping nearby, either it is your spouse or a cat. Cats are the worst. They are officially allowed to sleep all day and night long without any negative consequences.

You get up to go on loathing and only a cup of coffee gives you hope not to die on you way to this new day. But suddenly, out of nowhere, there comes something that manages not only to bring you back to life, but also to cheer you up at this evil morning hour and that is a good morning sms from your dearest friend. “Perhaps, a unicorn,” you think, as it is hard to believe that someone can get up earlier than you and even be able to write such an inspiring good morning sms. A small good morning sms… Such a triffle, but you are smiling again!

And at this very moment you realise that you can also become a superhero who can turn morning zombies into your lovely friends again.

In fact, there are millions of ways to say “Good morning” via sms and they are not just cliche ones. As you start thinking about it you it surprises you that it has never occurred to you that instead of dying each morning and complaining about all the difficulties and evil of early mornings you can survive and make your beloved people smile. You can inspire your “co-sufferers” or at least make them hate early mornings less. And it is so easy, and without drugs!

So, here are some ways to write your healing good morning sms:

1. Your good morning sms can include the reasons why you love your addressee and consider him/her to be one of the dearest people in this world for you

2. Your good morning sms can include the reasons why you are the dearest and finest of all people in this world for your friends – there is always a good moment for that Besides, it is for certain useful for both sides.

3. Your good morning sms can just remind someone that he/she is not the only one to suffer this morning and you share his morning pain. You can always share hating children when they make all that fuss and noise, and mess in the morning, or the pain of walking the dog, or the necessity to pack your husband to work -there is always something to hate at such an early hour.

4. Your good morning sms can include some appropriate or inappropriate jokes or just a picture of miserable you in the morning- it is always hilarious.

5. And finally, your good morning sms can be a good way to apologise if you have been wrong the other day.

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