How To Throw An Easy But Fun New Years Party

How To Throw An Easy But Fun New Years Party

Well New Years Eve is already here and you might have not finalized your plans or maybe you are trying to find new plans. If this is the case you might want to think about throwing your won party. It sounds pretty hard and like a lot of work for you, but with a few simple tips and a little bit of prep work you will feel prepared and excited for your party.

  1. The Games

There are a few ways that you can keep guests entertained at a party and playing games is one of them. Games are a great way to bring together people who might not know each other or get people who do know each other to laugh and have a great time. There are little cards that you can print out that each have a little phrase about being a new person or breaking a bad habit, and these cards have blanks on them so you can fill it out. Get everyone to fill some cards out and then try to have people guess whose card is whose.

  1. The Television

Another thing that can bring a lot of people together is the television. You should have yours playing in the background the entire night to make sure that your staying up to date with the time and so you can decide to turn the volume up on any performances you or your friends might want to watch. Make sure you have a good provider like Charter Cable so that you can watch the New Years Eve Countdowns in HD.

  1. The Music

Nothing says party like music. When throwing a party it is nice to have multiple rooms so that guests can choose which ambience or vibe they like best. Having more than one room at a party also allows you to play different kind of music in different areas so that you can please everyone. Make sure the playlist has a few New Year Classics. You can try services like Pandora or 8 tracks for help on picking a playlist or genre of music. Music can generate small talk among strangers so it is also a great way to integrate your party.

  1. The Food

Food is probably the most important part of any party. At a New Years Eve party, the food should be served mainly in an appetizer form. Small bites and hand held things work best, so guests can walk around and mingle while they eat. Also with many people making some sort of health or dieting goal for the new year, you can g ahead and give them a head start.

  1. The Drink

Champagne is the obvious no brainer here. But you should also have a small bar stocked with some essentials like vodka, rum, and whiskey. This way your guests will have a few options. And if you are tired of drinking wine, you could try prosecco which is a sparkling wine.