How Our Thoughts And Feelings Are Closely Entwined?

Human psyche is very complex and it is a blend of various feeling and thinking. Our mind is comprised of combination between emotions and thoughts. At times, it’s very difficult to properly distinguish the differences between feeling and thought, especially if they are blended. There are obviously different aspects of our mind which could function on different dimensions. Sometimes our thought and feeling harmoniously run parallel, but often they are not. For example, we could have very happy thoughts, so we can entertain ourselves with many joyful feelings. We can have many pleasant thoughts that can boost our happiness. Our happiest periods could come from a harmonious and positive blend of many aspects of our current psyche. So, it is important to make sure that our feelings and thoughts can work together.

We may require self-control and discipline by establishing physical health. This should help us ensure our healthy emotional state. Much of our emotions can have a very strong influence upon the way we think. Even so, it is essential to remain positive. This way, we can ensure that any negative emotion won’t have the chance to endanger our daily plans and mind sets. Instead, we should depend upon our happy and strong emotions to provide impetus to these goals. There’s no point in allocating mental energy for causes that undermine our emotions. It’s fundamental to healthy character and proper well being that our thoughts could assume the full responsibility of leaderships over our current emotions. Each time conflicts arise, our mind can become more responsible for managing the emotions in proper way to allow for happier and more positive outcomes.

Our mind should be able to assume a powerful role of being the actual director. It should encourage the release our best, positive emotions, while subduing any negative thought. It is an essential requirement to achieve mental fitness. Happy individuals can achieve good teamwork between a balanced and positive mind. This should result in an overall ideal state to undertake any external mental challenges. Just as a typical physical exercise, this should also be a pleasant experience that our mind can enjoy. Unfortunately, we may encounter conflict between emotions and mind that result in indecision, emotional storms and depression. This could temporarily damage our mind. We should also get to know our emotional moods. This should provide us with the energy to learn to be happier. We can expand our mental capacity to experience multiple positive emotions. Among the greatest emotions we could feel is love. But, no matter how intense our emotions are, they should be directed by our conscious thought.

Once we properly know the true role of our mind and its true duty is to properly direct our emotions, then we can fully accept the responsibility. We can also feel confident in coping with our own rebellious emotions and moods. Then, we should be free to properly follow any kind of mental health rules. This should allow us keep a clear and relatively uncluttered mind.