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How To Select The Best Wedding Favor For Your Wedding Guest?

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It’s often remarked that marriages are made in heaven. However, friends, family and loved ones leave no stone unturned to make the D-Day memorable for lovebirds, who are about to tie the nuptial knots.

How To Select The Best Wedding Favor For Your Wedding Guest?

As a sign of appreciation, the newlywed commemorate the day by carefully choosing wedding favors for their guests. Finalizing the favor is entirely dependent on the host in which criteria like, wedding theme, shelf life, number of guests, and budget are taken into consideration.

Types of Wedding Favors

  • Theme based wedding Favors
  • Personalized wedding Favors
  • Mouthwatering edible wedding Favors
  • A unique, thought-full wedding Favors

Very often wedding theme, decides the souvenir.

Fairytales theme the most popular with the would be bride dreaming about her prince charming could go for a Cinderella shoe/ glass slipper key chain, a silver royal crown or a pumpkin coach place card holder as a wedding favor. Beach based wedding theme goes beautifully with personalized bottles of glass uniquely designed and filled with colored sand and seashells.

Themes revolving around seasons like spring, summer, fall and winter choose the flower and fruits unique for that season as a souvenir. Garden gifts, in the form of plants and flowers though quite uncommon, as a wedding favor are a delightful souvenir for all those, environment friendly guests at your wedding party. This unique remembrance that comes in small pots with fancy embellishment are simply irresistible for those nature lovers, these souvenirs, without failing symbolizes your growing love as they build  up their canopy or flower with the season.

Monogramming Wedding Favor to Add a Personal Touch of Gratitude

The host may decide upon monogramming that would give a unique, personalized touch to             the souvenir, which may vary from wine glasses to photo coaster, miniature glass bell jar, salt and pepper shakers, along with a scented heart shaped soaps and candles artistically packed with delightful ribbon.

The host should be utterly careful with the shelf life, if they decide to go with edible souvenir like chocolates, cookies, candies to trickle the taste bud of their guest with sweet memories of the day.

Re-living the Memories Long After

A unique way of having the memories of the D-day, etched forever in the memories of your guest is to have an album of romantic music, with images of the day in the background and a special note of thanks for your guest for making the day special in the lives of the bride and bridegroom by their sheer presence, love and affection.

Where to Look for Wedding Favor

The would be bride or groom must assume the responsibility of choosing the wedding favors amidst the hectic schedule of wedding, where every minute detail has to be taken care off. It may so happen that you may miss out the personal touch that’s usually associated with these souvenirs. This is when Pure Invitation comes handy, as it assists you with these souvenirs from its wide range, which will not only fit into your budget, but it also maintains an aura of gratitude.

Undoubtedly, a wedding is a memorable event in the lives of both the bride and the bridegroom, but carefully chosen personalized favors make it memorable for the wedding guests too.

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