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How To Relieve Pain – The Unconventional Way

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Even though pain is vital to our overall health, because it signals that something is wrong with our body, experiencing it constantly is something not many people can bare. The conventional way of dealing with pain would usually be to take medication, but this is the easy way and as such, rarely a satisfactory one. The regular use of pain medication can lead to liver damage, kidney damage as well as to overall poor health. The price you would have to pay would be simply too high, especially when taken into consideration that there are completely natural and harmless methods out there.

How To Relieve Pain - The Unconventional Way


Let’s start with the most conventional of the unconventional. Everyone knows that massage is a great and completely natural pain reliever. Furthermore, it is probably the only method that doesn’t have a single negative side. Unfortunately, the type of problems which massage solves are quite specific. If your problems are back and neck pain, massage might help you, however that is about it. If we had to state one thing that is a downside of this method it is that it is not 100% reliable. Although it does not cause any problems on its own, it will not necessarily solve them either.


If you suffer from lower back pain, migraines, and in some cases even arthritis, you would be wise to turn to yoga for an answer. The healing powers of this ancient discipline, known also as hatha yoga, have been known for several millennia. In fact, in Ancient India, some believed that this physical art was bestowed upon mankind by none other than the deity Shiva and that as such it contains mystical and magical properties. Be it as it may, in some of the aforementioned cases, yoga is known to work. According to some experts, the reasons behind this is the fact that various stress coping mechanisms are developed in this way.


This method is probably one of the most controversial ones yet. Some believe in its ability to deal with tension headaches, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, while some are quite skeptical about the whole issue. By piercing specific parts of the body, these thin needles help relieve stress that is stored in it and in this way return balance to our organism. Even though there have been some studies which claim to have a medical explanation, no one knows how acupuncture actually works, and those who are against it will always attribute its positive effects to a placebo effect.

Natural Herbs

Instead of resorting to synthetically created medications, it would probably be for the best to look out for natural remedies to soothe your pain. Although ginger, capsaicin and turmeric are renowned natural pain treatments, there is one more herb that could help. We are of course talking about cannabis. It is true that cannabis is mostly illegal for recreational use, however it is commonly used for medicinal purposes all over the world. With this in mind, if you are under constant pain, it would be wise to try and learn more about strains, seeing how it may help.

Going to a Spa

Even though this solution is far from unconventional, it is not that commonly used since it can be quite expensive. It is a well-known fact that water in some springs possesses healing properties due to its richness in minerals and naturally warmer temperature. This is why, going to a spa might be a great method of remedying your pain.

As you can see, there are many unconventional ways of fighting pain and all you need is to do some research. Even though a lot of these methods still cause skepticism, no great idea was ever accepted right away. Your health always comes first and it would be foolish to fight your temporary problems in a way that may cause permanent damage to your body.

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