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How To Purchase Perfectly Operational And Refurbished C-Arms For Your Hospital

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A C-arm is a portable imaging system that uses X-ray technology to guide different surgical instruments, during medical procedures. Their movements are captured in images by a live X-ray machine, which are stored and manipulated by the system.

How To Purchase Perfectly Operational And Refurbished C-Arms For Your Hospital

Purchasing a used and renovated C-arm

The medical application of C-arms has increased exponentially in recent years, especially in surgical procedures like cardiology, urology, orthopedics and spinal and neurovascular treatments. Though, the real question here is that, how to buy an appropriate C-arm for your facility.  It’s a bit difficult to find and choose a used and overhauled C-arm, which is perfectly functional without any issues and hassles.

There are some basic but very important factors, which you should consider while purchasing a used and serviced C-arm so that you are satisfied with your acquisition and fully assured about it. Several online equipment selling websites boast of vending effective and impeccably refurbished C-arms at reasonable prices. So, more often than not, people end up wondering where and how to start.

This article provides its readers with some professionally effective suggestions and tips to purchase used and renovated C-arms so that they acquire a faultlessly working machine for flawless medical procedure and don’t regret their choices in near future.


The very first thing to do here is to have complete knowledge about your budget. If your budget is not enough to cover a new C-arm, it is best to contact a dealer selling refurbished C-arms.

Secondly, there are different C-arms made for studies of different medical procedures related to pain management, Neurovascular treatment, Urology, Cardiology and Orthopedics. So, you should be aware of the needs for which you require a C-arm. Make sure to check the condition of the C-arm you are going to purchase to find out if it is a used one or a refurbished one.

You should go to online selling sites like, where highest quality used C-arms are sold. These have been repaired, recalibrated, painted, tested, and renewed with all the worthless parts replaced. Ensure that you get a written warranty for your purchase.

Purchase a renovated C-arm from a reputed company that provides its customers with training and installation services. You can request for a list of client references to gain knowledge about the potential company’s track record and customer services. Also, purchase a refurbished C-arm with a very high resale value from a well-known brand in the market.


Here are some tips given below for purchasing a used and renovated C-arm:

  • Pay attention to the size you require for your C-arm and also, note the dimensions of the power generator you have.
  • Ensure that the room is big enough to place your C-arm and has adequate space, with ceiling and walls clearance, for free movement so that there are no collisions and damages.
  • Arrange an anode tube or a circling X-ray tube for your C-arm if it’s going to be used a lot.
  • For acquiring the finest image output, you should create suitable space between your X-ray tube and C-arm.
  • Find a suitable storage device for storing the images you captured by the C-arm.
  • Purchase a software package with latest version, according to the medical procedure you carry out via C-arm.

Lastly, when a dealer offers warranty, ensure that its value is worth it. For C-arms with one year warranty, a dealer might calculate 10-15 % of its price. See if it’s beneficial to spend that much money depending upon the machine’s functioning on daily basis.

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