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How To Properly Write SEO Proposals?

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For many people who have just started a SEO business, they could face many challenges that need to be addressed immediately. Writing the first SEO proposal can be quite challenging even for experienced SEO professionals who previously work as skilled experts in someone’s company. They may have no clue on how to write down their ideas in the SEO proposal.

In general, it is not a good idea to give SEO proposal template to potential clients. We need to communicate with them first and get a feel of their requirements and expectations. A good proposal should start with proper introduction. It is also to describe the philosophy and mission of our company with regards to SEO. As an example, we could assure clients that we always steer away from dubious and controversial tactics.

The main body should follow the introduction of the SEO proposal. In this proposal, we should report to clients about the current status of their website. We may suggest technical issues that need to be improved. There must be a complete assessment about the SEO-friendliness of the website and the potential search engine rankings that can be achieved.

We should also present a proper competition analysis and this should tell clients about the capability of their websites. This shows the client that we have the proper understanding about the topic and we are able to employ the proper techniques to fully optimize their website. As an example, we could be able to remove obstacles that have been preventing bots from indexing a large part of website.

How To Properly Write SEO Proposals

It could also be important for us to present the proper keyword analysis. This will ensure that client’s website will be able to rank well. When throwing in some terms, we should make sure that clients will be able to understand them. If clients seem to be knowledgeable enough, we could some SEO-related terms, but if they are not, it is a good idea to explain everything with common words.

Making sure that clients understand our proposal is one of the trickiest things. If we want to use proposal templates, it is a good idea to have multiple versions of them that can be selected depending on the comprehension level of the client. It is useless to submit a SEO proposal that the client is barely able to understand.

It is also important that we don’t reveal too many specifics. It is better to point out common issues and provide possible solutions for them. It takes some practice to develop proper SEO proposals, but this skill can be mastered. All we need to do is that we have to convince clients that we know what we do.

SEO proposals can also be filled with references and case studies. We should be able to obtain positive responses if we are able to deliver proper things. At this stage, clients will be able to expect things that they are promised to get. Our SEO proposal should become an introduction on things that we can do.

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