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How To Prevent Tanning This Summer Season? Best Tips from Industry Experts

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Tanning is almost impossible to avoid with summer rolling in. This is mainly due to the skin is much more exposed to the sunshine during summer than any other time or season of the year. Furthermore, the sunshine in the extreme can result in sun damage or excessive skin tanning that is not healthy for your skin. To avoid such scenarios from occurring, it is best to know the most efficient methods of getting rid of tans or how to prevent tanning from occurring. With the best tips from manufacturers and other industry experts, you can acquire the best methods or products to help you achieve your desired goal at the very end. Here are some of the ways you can prevent your skin from tanning or remove tan from your skin in general.

How To Prevent Tanning This Summer Season? Best Tips from Industry Experts

Continuous Moisturization

There is no better way to prevent tanning and protect the skin from damage during summer that continuous moisturization and hydration. Moisture provides the skin with the opportunity to revitalize, refreshen and promotes the production of new skin cells. In addition, it prevents excessive tanning of the skin and promotes healing reducing the general skin recovery period. In the summer, it is better to continuously moisturize your whole body and use specialized moisturizing products that suit your skin type, texture, and tone.

Baby Skin Oil

Baby skin oil is produced to protect and take care of baby skin making it highly effective and efficient in achieving your desired goal. It can be used in how to remove tan from the face and the skin. You can do this by rubbing the baby skin oil to your skin. To ensure its effectiveness, it is best to leave it on for a while. Once you are satisfied that it has penetrated through the skin, you can now wash it off with warm water. Apart from removing tans, preventing their occurrence, the baby skin oil is also efficient in removing dead skin cells and maintains the skin in perfect health at all times.


This is another essential ingredient that plays a huge role in how to remove tan from the face. It is efficient and highly effective in removing tans and ensuring the skin retain their natural complexion and tone. In addition, it leaves the wearer or user with a refreshing smell while promoting skin functions. However, sandalwood is used as a blend or a mix of other ingredients including milk, almond oil or even coconut oil. Apply the mix after forming a thick paste to the skin and allow it to sit for a while before washing it off. The mix is essential in removing tans, but it can also be used to prevent further tanning by using it on a regular basis.

Hats and Shades

The face is quite prone to excessive tanning and protecting it is all one can thick of at the time. Sunscreen and other protective elements that you have decided are enough to protect you from the sun are definitely not. This is mainly because some of the sun rays can penetrate any clothing and are highly difficult to prevent the skin against. It is, therefore, essential to acquire the best hat and sunglasses or shades to protect your face from excessive sunshine and definitely from unwanted tans. Furthermore, they can easily be used as substitutes whenever in a hurry and have no time to undergo the daily routing of applying all of the said beauty products for your protection.

Lemon Juice

It is a bleaching agent that works to retain your natural complexion and tone. It is an essential component in how to remove tan from the face which retains your fairness and beautiful and even toned complexion as desired. With excessive sunshine, the skin is prone to excessive drying and flaking or peeling off. It is up to you to retain its shine and glow and protect it from tanning further or anymore. Lemon juice does exactly that by exfoliating and removing the dead cells once it is applied to the skin. However, the mix or blend is not suitable for people with sensitive skin as lemon can be harsh. Furthermore, you have to mix the lemon juice with some sugar to effect its purpose on the skin. Finally, ensure you moisturize the skin at the end.


Tanning can be good at times and the change in skin tone appreciated by many. However, whenever it occurs in excess, it causes skin damage and has to be prevented at all times. Furthermore, tanning the facial skin only can be weird and uncomfortable. The above solutions are perfect for preventing your face from tanning this summer.

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