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How to Maximize the Fuel Efficiency of your Truck

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Truck owner-operators are constantly searching for ways on how they will be able to cut down on their costs and possibly increase their margin for revenue. One of the most viable ways to do so is by keeping their fleet of trucks in service while running efficiently as long as possible. If you are one of those looking into maximizing the fuel efficiency of your truck, then below are some of the ways on how you will be able to do so.

Learn about proper oil change methods

One of the primary things that you can do to maximize the fuel efficiency of your truck is by learning about the proper oil change methods. Even if you intend to go for used day cab trucks for sale, you still have the ability to maximize their fuel efficiency by overcompensating on oil changes. As much as possible, use synthetic oil and high-capacity filters. This is because synthetic motor oils can maintain its lubricating properties longer, thus enabling the engine to work with less friction, even in extreme temperatures.

Consider a high-flow exhaust system and air filter

With the frequent use of your trucks, there will come a time that their exhaust systems would need to be replaced. In this case, going for a high-flow aftermarket exhaust system is the best option because this will allow your vehicle to breathe properly. As a result, it will be more efficient. 

Conversely, if the pipes of your truck are still in good shape, then perhaps you only need to change your muffler. Otherwise, a visual inspection for damage or wear of your exhaust system will prove to be sufficient in terms of identifying why your truck may not be running as efficiently as you want it to.

Keep a tab on your spark plugs

In case you have iridium or platinum plugs, it is a good idea to have them replaced every 60000 miles covered by your truck. On the other hand, if you have copper plugs, have them replaced every 70000 miles. But regardless of the type of spark plugs that your truck has, make sure to check them at least once a year because they can provide details on what is happening in your internal combustion engine. 

If your motor is running rich, you may have discolored spark plugs. In this case, your truck is most likely using up too much fuel. On the contrary, if your motor is running lean, the discoloration of your spark plugs may indicate that your truck has insufficient fuel.

Have the proper tires

To maximize the fuel efficiency of your truck, it is important for you to use the appropriate tires for it. For instance, if your truck frequently travels in locations without severe winter climates, then a good all-weather light truck tire is already a good choice. Alongside this, make sure that you maintain the proper tire pressure as much as possible. This is because in doing so, you will be optimizing your truck’s fuel efficiency, as well as lengthening the life span of your truck’s tires. 

Install helper springs

One of the most overlooked components in a truck is its suspension. It often happens that truck drivers and operators overload their vehicles, maxing out their suspension. When this happens, the tires are subjected to undue pressure, particularly when the truck passes over bumps. 

Keep in mind that with severe pressure, the tires of your truck can bulge, making them wear out faster and create more friction. As a result, your truck needs to work harder, which means that it also needs to burn more fuel. Thus, it is a good idea to install auxiliary metal springs that can provide a greater payload capacity.

Check the gear ratio

Since older trucks are already more prone to transmission repairs and maintenance, it is a good idea to have the mechanics firm up the shifts and check the axle gear ratio when they open up your truck’s transmission. Have them install a shift kit if necessary to increase your truck’s transmission durability. You can also ask for your truck’s rear axle gear to be replaced with one that is more appropriate for the usual weight that is loaded into your truck, as well as for the road that your truck usually covers.

Overall, exert the extra effort to lighten up your vehicle because any added weight means more fuel that needs to be burned.

Final Word

There are several ways on how you will be able to maximize the fuel efficiency of your trucks, even if they are already getting old. In doing so, you will be able to save thousands of dollars in operational costs, which you can allot for other business expenses as necessary. The key is in keeping up with the necessary maintenance of your vehicle to ensure that you are maximizing its fuel efficiency.

Joie Mojica

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