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How To Lose 5 Kilos In A Week?

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If you are a person who wonders how lose weight in a week? and even better not get the rebound effect of this, then in this article you’ll find the answer you’re looking for and that I leave an incredible diet so you can lose weight quickly.

This diet will help you can get rid of that belly fat that you both grieve and what’s best is that the results are immediately and are a real health insurance.

It’s good to also do exercises in addition to following a meal plan, and like everything should drink at least two liters of water per day to help the body get rid of impurities. If you follow to the letter what I’m discussing, in a week you will have lost 5 kilos, but you should also know that not suffer with this regime, unlike other this regime will ensure health.

How To Lose 5 Kilos In A Week?

Diet to Lose 5 Kilos in a Week

Monday: At breakfast should drink a cup of yogurt with cereal and skim this is also need to eat a slice of bread and this must be integrated with low-fat cheese. For lunch there is something very rich, lean beef steak and should do to the plate, and can accompany with a rich salad of lettuce and tomato. And for dessert you can eat a good fresh fruit. In the safe you can eat dinner served with rice and vegetables and with a stream of olive oil as this is lean and also a fresh fruit dessert.

Tuesday: This day for breakfast sweetener will not put a cup of coffee with milk, and we can eat two slices of bread and you’re the accompany with light cream cheese. At lunch we prepare grilled fish fillet and cook a serving of vegetables. In a fresh fruit dessert, something nutritious for dinner, pasta with tomato and onion and fruit on table.

Wednesday: For coffee with skim milk and accompany with two slices of bread and jam we spread light breakfast. For lunch a chicken breast served with mashed pumpkin. At dinner, cooked vegetable salad and rice with corn and fruit for dessert.

Thursday: For breakfast two slices of bread with jam light and coffee with skim milk. For lunch cooked vegetables and a fresh fruit dessert. And for dinner we eat an omelet without adding spinach egg but accompany it with tomato salad.

Friday: We will have to repeat what we have eaten so far, but you can vary the combination, that is you can choose a little every day without overdo.

Saturday and Sunday: In these days we sure consume at breakfast a glass of orange juice. At midday you will eat a vegetable salad with a bowl of chicken soup and the same need to eat at night. The same you owe it to comment to people who ask you how to lose weight in a week, between meals you can accompany your appetite with fruit.

You should know that those diets that make you too many kilos you lose weight quickly usually have a rebound effect. And lest you recover the lost kilos to continue with the diet plan without changing eating habits.

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