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How to Get Hired by a U.S.-Based Company as a Remote Puerto Rican Worker

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The Puerto Rican Governor signed Act No. 52 (Act 52-2022) on June 30, 2022. The law amended the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code of 2011, specifically its definition of entities “engaged in trade or business” on the Caribbean island.

Act No. 52 simplifies the legal and tax responsibilities of foreign employers as well as the Puerto Ricans they hire. As a result, the amendment can further encourage and support the industry of Puerto Rican nationals working remotely for U.S.-based companies.

If you’re a Puerto Rican, it’s highly recommended for you to maximize this opportunity. Here are tips on how to improve your chances of getting hired by an organization from the United States.


Know what you deserve

The prospect of applying—and getting hired—for a U.S.-based company is exciting. provides a great guide on what you can expect from American businesses. However, do not let your excitement cloud your judgment. Do not sell yourself short, no matter how badly you want the prestige of being employed by an organization endorsed by Uncle Sam.

Know your worth. Any U.S.-based employer wanting to hire from Puerto Rico needs to abide by the employment laws of the island. There’s no getting around this requirement. Consider it a red flag if an employer tries to circumvent Puerto Rican labor policies, such as those identified by


Evaluate your skillset

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of remote jobs you can apply for. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that your skillset is more or less limited. Even a jack of all trades, or a legitimate Renaissance man, can only juggle so many skills and expertise simultaneously.

It’s crucial to pinpoint what skills you’re most proficient at. It could be writing, graphic design, or any other expertise you deem your strong suit. Once you’ve identified that skill, focus on it, and if you can, have it finetuned further. Then, use it as an anchor for your job-hunting journey.


Compose a standout resume

Your resume is your first chance to give a good impression. If you catch the eye of head hunters, you’ll get an email or a call inviting you to the next stage of the application process. On the other hand, if you fail to command attention, you’ll find yourself refreshing your inbox for an email that will never come. To get the former result, take resume writing seriously.

Your resume must be representative of what you can bring to the table. But it does not have to be more than two pages long. The key is to include only the highlights of your career thus far.


Write a winning cover letter

The one mistake you must avoid is having a go-to generic cover letter. You cannot rely on the same cover letter even if you’re applying for similar job posts. It’s crucial to personalize. Keep in mind that HR officers can sniff out generic cover letters from a mile away. And when they do, they’ll dismiss you as, at best disinterested and, at worst lazy.

It’s acceptable to write parts of your cover letter from a template. However, composing other parts based on what you’ve read from a job post is just as important. Remember, some employers specifically ask you to include specific details in your cover letter if only to know that you have indeed read the post about the job you’re applying for.


Go for quality over quantity

The age of The Great Resignation has resulted in countless job openings. You might get tempted to apply to jobs left and right, even if they remotely fit your career plans. Perhaps your goal is to cast as wide a net as possible, hoping for a big catch at the fastest time possible.

However, this strategy might not work in your best interest. Instead of sending out many applications, take your time with the few that excite you the most. You’ll be more inspired to prove yourself should one of those applications get noticed.


Research the organization

If you’re a serial job applicant, you probably have to recalibrate how you apply for jobs in the first place. Do you do ample research about the organization that has caught your eye? If not, that’s likely where the problem originates.

It’s imperative that you share an organization’s core values and that you can get behind its mission. So, know whether those align with your priorities before pursuing a job application with a specific organization. That’s the recipe for a long employer and employee relationship.


Prepare for the virtual interview

Preparing yourself entails getting in the right headspace days or hours before the interview. Also, be ready for the technical aspects. First, make sure your computer’s working well. Then, give it a test run alongside the audio and speakers. Most importantly, check whether your internet connection can keep up.


Ask questions

During the interview, do not limit yourself to giving answers. While it’s your priority to articulate everything your prospective employers want to know about you, it’s also in your best interest to learn about them.

So don’t shy away from asking questions. Rest assured that your interviewer will appreciate it. They’ll see you as a proactive person who’s genuinely interested in their organization.

Another upside of asking is you’ll know from the start whether a particular job is what you’re actually looking for.


Wrapping It Up


There are a lot of perks to remote work arrangements. For starters, you get to spare yourself from the stress and cost of a daily commute. You also get to broaden your horizons. You’re no longer limited to seeking employment from organizations within your immediate area. Instead, you can look elsewhere, as far as your imagination would go.


For instance, you can set your eyes on a U.S.-based company whose values you admire. Of course, it also won’t hurt if the said organization offers a competitive remuneration package you won’t get from a local employer.


With the tips mentioned above, you’ll increase your shot of landing the remote job of your dreams. So take them to heart and make the most of your professional journey.



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