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How To Fix Your Boring Text Marketing Campaign

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Does your mobile marketing campaign consist of a series of anti-climactic texts that leave your recipients disappointed, uninspired, or, Heaven forbid, in a boredom-induced coma? If insomniacs turn to your SMS messages to lull them into slumber, you have a problem.

Before your opt-in text messaging program experiences a mass exodus of Old Testament proportions, you need to inject some much-needed excitement and fun into your SMS marketing campaign. And doing so is much easier than you think.

How To Fix Your Boring Text Marketing Campaign

Be Worthwhile

Your customers are busy people and their time is valuable. If you are going to interrupt their day with a text message, you had better make it worthwhile. And, this means providing your loyal subscribers with what they want.

Typically, “what they want” includes VIP exclusives, special offers, insider information, and other perks that are of immediate value. You need to keep them happy with their decision to opt into your text marketing campaign and compel them to act on your message.

“10 Amazing Retail Mobile Marketing Examples” points to a stellar SMS marketing campaign run by the cosmetics company, Julep, as a shining example. To generate over 5000 new opt-ins, they rewarded customers for joining their “Julep Mobile Insider Club” with a 50 percent discount on their next nail polish purchase. They achieved their goal within 24 hours.

Be Actionable

The whole point of your SMS marketing campaign is to convert subscribers into customers. If your text messages fail to spur an action, you are wasting your time and effort.

According to “Tips for Rejuvenating a Tired Text Marketing Campaign,” you need to be clear about the action that you want your customers to take, whether it is clicking a link, taking advantage of an offer, opting into the campaign, or attending an event. If your potential client is left unmotivated or confused by a message, you have not only lost a conversion, but you also run the risk of having them opt out entirely.

Be Succinct

When it comes to composing an exciting text message, you need to straddle the line between verbal diarrhea and an abbreviated mess. The idea is to include all the pertinent information without wasted words.

It is also important to stay away from text speak, slang, and overused descriptors like “awesome,” “amazing,” or “fantastic.” And proofread your text for spelling mistakes, poor grammar, and a lack of clarity.

Entrepreneur explains that a text that says “Amazing prices at almost 2GTBT. Miss these prices AYOR” has hype, abbreviations, and slang that can hurt your campaign. Instead, opting for “50% of all leather laptop bags at for the next 48 hours only. Use coupon code HALFOFFTEXT at checkout” will create a sense of value and timeliness and offer a clear call-to-action.

Be Targeted

Are you trying to market to a particular segment of your following? If so, you need to focus your text messaging campaign on what will appeal and excite that demographic.

If you hope to entice retirees to join your SMS campaign by running a contest for concert tickets, for instance, choosing the latest Hip Hop artist may be problematic. Instead, find out what artists your targeted audience would be most excited to see. It’s all about maximizing your campaign’s effectiveness by sending the right message to the right audience.

Stop marketing yourself as the world’s greatest sleep aid–unless, of course, this is actually what your company sells–and, instead, become a brand associated with excitement and fun.

What types of marketing text messages excite you? Why?

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