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How To Find Time For Yourself When You Have A Child

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When you are alone, you are counting on a successful day for the great and varied activities you have been able to accomplish during these 24 hours. Sometimes it’s important for you to have time to hang out with friends, family or husband, and sometimes you just want to lie down, order food and watch your favorite series to infinity, an episode after an episode. Make sure you get in touch with us and we will help you get through this.

But, when you become a parent, forget about it. You won’t see your friends for weeks or months, and even when you find yourself for a drink somewhere in the city, do not be surprised if you receive at least one call with a question: Where is this? When are you going home? The “time just for you” is now mostly measured in minutes, and the marathon watching series is becoming a concept that you will forget.

Such a new situation is a fertile ground for falling into depression or an immaculate grief for what was once, with a constant reassuring whether all that you want to go back or all went away is the best.

Yes, parenting brings with it many radical changes, and inevitably little (or no) time for ourselves. And such a situation lasts for a very long time. It’s been taking years, mostly.

So how can you survive those first parental years?

If you think there’s a way to get a good day off, it’s better to stop reading the text immediately. Something like this is impossible, probably another one or two decades. And no, that does not mean you’ll die. You will survive and you will have the feeling again that your day was successful and fulfilled. Here’s how:

In order for you as a parent to feel that your day has been met, it is necessary to change your benchmark on a successful day.

As long as you demand that you complete your day with optional and uninterrupted activities, you are trembling. Both as a person, and as a parent.

Here are some examples of how you can now measure a successful day:

A successful day will be when you have time to shower, get your hair and nails done.

A successful day will be when your child doesn’t refuse to eat and actually likes the meal you prepare.

A successful day will be when your child actually takes a nap so you can take one too.

A successful day will be when your partner or some member of your family agrees to take care of your child at least for a few hours or one whole day. That is when you will experience real happiness and freedom and finally dedicate some time to yourself. Even just for one day or a few hours.
* Note: If you think the previous lines sounded ironic, you may not be mistaken. Laughter is, however, our greatest friend in the battle against these days.

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