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How To Find A Suitable Septic System Installation Company

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In case you do not live in an urban area with sewerage system you will have to install a septic system for your home. This is done so that the sewage from your home has someplace to go. This septic system comprises of an underground septic tank which holds the wastewater and a soil absorption system to dispel the cleaned wastewater into the land. Whether you are installing a new septic system or replacing an old one, it is essential for you to locate a reliable and well-experienced septic system Installation Company to take up the work.

Septic systems come in two variations

• Anaerobic septic system
• Aerobic septic system

Anaerobic System- This system is relatively simple. It consists of a septic tank that is connected to your home by a pipeline and another branched pipe leading from the tank into the drain to disperse the water. It depends on anaerobic bacteria for breaking down of the waste in the tank.

Aerobic System – The aerobic septic system is much more complicated. It relies on aerobic bacteria to break down the waste matter. Since oxygen is not present in the septic tank, it has to be supplied to the tank by pumping in the air. The waste treatment process cannot be completed in one tank, the system requires more than one tank.

When you are looking for a septic system installation company you must consider a few things that are discussed below:

How To Find A Suitable Septic System Installation Company

1.Operation, licensing and Insurance

You must look for a company that has been doing the installation work for a few years. By virtue of doing the installations over a period of time, they become well experienced and that can benefit you.

All septic system installers have to be licensed by the state commission on environmental quality. Septic system installers have two levels and only the level II installers can install an aerobic septic system.

The septic system installation company should have general liability and workers compensation insurance. This protects the homeowner which is you. If a company employee is injured on your property you will not be held responsible for paying the medical expenses and the lost wages due to the injury.

2. Pricing

When you receive the quote from the company you must clarify with them as to what all things are included. Septic system may require a permit from the local authorities depending on the county. You must also discuss upfront the payments.

3. Clean-up Procedure

During the installation of the septic, system pits are dug on your land. This could cause damage to the grass and even the sprinkler system. Some companies spread the grass seed or lay down sod once the installation is completed. If you need to do re-landscaping on your own then it is better to factor in the cost and be prepared for it.


Based on your requirements you can go in for the anaerobic or aerobic septic system. The aerobic septic system comes at a much higher cost and can be installed only by a level II installer. You must check out the experience of the septic system installation company, their pricing, licensing and insurance too. By doing this you can save yourself from facing potential troubles.

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