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How To Familiarize Children With The Trouble-Free Way To Learn English?

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Teachers all the time look out for innovative and appealing ways to encourage their learners. If they are provided with apt choices of equipment and supporting system, they can shape their teaching approach to facilitate their students evolve and aspire for great results.

Make use of an iPod to Train English

New generation parents like to provide their children with latest technology devices from a very young age considering various reasons. Many of them would like their children to carry phones or iPods, even in the classrooms for security purpose and so on. So, if the teacher could make use of those devices to teach children the basics of English language skills, then nothing like it. The children shall be encouraged to record themselves speaking English either from the classroom or at home, which the teacher can re-examine. The benefit of doing this is that, when the learners hear their own words, it shall lend a hand to identify the possibilities of improvements.

Not only that, devices like iPods shall be used for other purposes such as downloading an audio book, English talk shows, movies, etc. for the children to hear again and again. First hand learning is more impactful than any modes of teaching. A combined learning method of bringing together the conventional lessons with home-revision can be triumphant with students as it means they can fit their skills to their lifestyles.


The conversation method for better result

How about the idea of having a conversation club in the school? It would be a brilliant idea, where children would participate in the club for a particular period of time. The main point of this organization should be the control given to each child to conduct a conversation with another person or even a group. Other than boosting up their confidence level, this practice would surely improve their English speaking and vocabulary skills to the next level. The teacher can make it more interesting with the use of props, music, artificial sets, and so on. The topic of conversation should be selected by the child for the better understanding of the subject matter.

Social Media for the common Good

Social Media is the most happening thing of our century, where billions of people connect and converse with each other on simple online platforms. It broke the walls between people and countries and provided an opportunity for global communication. So, why should children be kept away from such a medium of communication? Make them understand the possibilities and side effects of the system and let them explore things on their own.

Social media is an explosion of content from all over the world, majorly in the English language. When children are exposed to such a huge amount of content and possibilities, it would unquestionably English language skills as they will understand the need of learning it the better way. If a teacher can create classroom communities on social media pages, the students will get an opportunity to understand each other better and learn the language.

Promote group activities for easy learning

Group activities areĀ  one of the best known techniques of teaching children various aspects. The end result depends on the amount of attention given to mold such activities. Group activities shall include community projects in the neighborhood, social activities, debate sessions, quiz competitions, etc. where children will have to use the English language. This will boost their need for learning English in a positive way. Many schools in India, especially schools in Bangalore, are introducing more of such methods to promote better language skills.

Minu Aravind is a professional freelance content writer and blogger with a strong passion for writing. She works in the sphere of online marketing and communication, focusing majorly on social media communication. She is an expert in writing blogs concerning the field of education, especially about international schools in India.

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