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How to ensure a speedy and fast recovery from thalassemia

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You might have gone on to avail the services of the best doctor for thalassemia treatment in India, but before that you need to be aware what it is. The team at the hospital will make you aware more about the condition, and then develop an individual plan which is based on the needs and interests. Now let us explore some of the main treatments of this disorder that are

Blood transfusions

If you are suffering from major or minor versions of this disorder you are expected to receive blood transfusions. This would go on to cure anaemia. In this disorder you would need to insert blood and this is inserted through a vein in your arm. This process does take place in the hospital and might take a couple of hours. How often you need this type of treatment would be dependent upon the type of disorder you are suffering. An individual, who is suffering from the beta major type, is going to need a blood transfusion once in a month or so, but if you are suffering from the lesser versions of it you are going to need them on an occasional basis. As far as the blood transfusions are concerned, they are safe, but they do go on to cause build-up of iron in the body. At the same time you are going to need medication so that you are able to remove them from the body.

How to remove the excess iron

Blood transfusions are going to cause excess inflow of iron in the body. This goes by the name of chelation therapy. The reason being if the iron levels in the body are on the higher side it could go on to because damage to the various organs of the body. As far as the treatment is concerned it is going to start once your baby has gone on to have around 10b blood transfusions. There are a host of medicines to overcome this issue. But be aware of the fact that each medicines does go on to have its own set of pros and cons.

Bone marrow transplant

This appears to be one of the most effective cures for this disorder and at the same time it is not being used at a large level because of the higher risks involved. As far as the stem cells are concerned they are produced in the bone marrow. It does possess the unique ability so as to lead to the formation of different type of blood cells. When it is a healthy bone marrow transplant you go on take bone marrow from a living donor and through a dip in the vein is provided to the patient. In due course of time they do go on to start producing healthy red blood cells.

You need to be aware of the fact that it is an extensive type of treatment where the risks are on the higher side. The main risk arises from the graft disease.

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