How To Enjoy Summer With Valuable Educational Experience

Schools in Hyderabad and elsewhere have encouraged parents to take interest in keeping the learning process of in summer vacations. Summer vacations are considered one such duration in a year for students where they would want to just do nothing or invest themselves in activities that are useless.

These activities would not help children in their learning process and many times be a reason for becoming a hindrance to natural learning such as television watching. There are a set of activities that are fun and equally knowledge booster for children that should be encouraged by parents for their kids.

Fruits and Vegetable Growing

The natural process of seed growing to tree and bearing fruits is the easiest way to learn about growth process of a plant. Kids would love the idea to grow these plants and you can also additionally teach them about the importance of right nutrition and air and sunlight for growth. You can arrange a competition for same age kids in your area so it would also increase their social skills.

Encourage them to understand Investments

Kids learn a lot more in practical world than from books. Parents can encourage kids to take part in activities like knowing about investments and their returns. It would help them learn about profits and loss, interests, fluctuation and a lot more. This is the best way also to give them lessons about savings and investments.

Ask them to be Your Junior Guide on Trip

With advancements in technology and general awareness about a place kids can learn about new places. You can arrange a trip to a new place where instead of hiring a tour guide you can ask your kid to guide you. They would have to find out all the important information about a place and need to describe you.

This will help in boosting their knowledge of a place and easily remember noteworthy factors about it. International schools in Hyderabad adopt this activity by organizing place visits and tours for students.

Get them Close to Nature

Encourage children to play in garden and with pet animals. This would help them develop a sense of awareness and responsibility for nature. They would learn how to protect environment and how to preserve nature. Also, helping them play with pets would develop a compassionate nature which is must for any civilized human being. CBSE Schools in Hyderabad have pointed this aspect of personality development as most important for students.

Taking Part in Household Activities

Any household activity like cooking or helping with cooking, setting tables, arranging sitting for guests, arranging plates back to rack and painting fences are a few activities that kids would love to do. All this skills would develop children to more responsible individuals.

These activities would also help them importance of other people working on similar task in the home. It may take some time for children to make any of this a habit but it would also make them more dependable and understanding.

Make them Involved in Family Shopping

It is almost impossible that you get your kids to shopping for family and they would not misbehave. But, if you take kids for family shopping and you involve them in family shopping discussing price and fit on each other. Kids would gradually learn to get involved forgetting their mischief. This would also bond them with siblings and family.

Rakshanda Dutt is a behavioral expert and helps parents in developing child personalities. She has worked with many children from schools in Hyderabad and has encouraged parents develop activities at home to develop personality.