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How To Communicate Effectively?

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Many people think that they are able to communicate properly and they are also able to get their messages across. When we send information, much of it could be lost during the transmission process. In fact, it is possible that we lose more than 90 percent of the informational content. This could happen when receiver misinterpret our message, although they are able to gather much of the information. When we send our message and someone receives it, many things could happen with our information. In this case, the person needs to hear the message and decodes it. It is important for the receiver to give their accurate interpretation.

How To Communicate Effectively

We should make sure that our messages can be heard effectively and we are able to ensure good communication. Our hope is that we are able to obtain the proper knowledge and we could use our language correctly. Although we are fluent with specific language, there could be many variances that we need to consider. Everywhere we go, we could find that signals could be lost for some reasons. In this case, it is important the receivers are able to instinctively know what they could mean. Many of the signals could be essential for our purposes. In this case, people could interpret the way they want them to be. It is also important to know that people tend to hear things that they choose.

In current social networking environment, Facebook posts, tweets, text messages and others could be mis-interpreted easily. When people send messages, they seek immediate gratification. Decades ago, people are still used to write letters and this gives them much more times to compose their messages. They needed to wait for a response, but we are now living in a “real time” era. Messages can be transmitted much more efficiently and quickly. Because sending and receiving information is know much easier, we could seem to lose the skill of arranging information effectively. Many people tend to type and press the send button without thinking about the implication.

It is important for us to have the ability to hear, and it is also important to listen effectively. There are reasons why people can’t do specific things. We should reconsider the word “understand” and it is actually a reversal of two words, “stand under”. It means that when we try to receive the information, we should stand under the sender and listen intently. This will make sure that we are able to get the message across. Communication should be considered as the process of exchanging ideas and information. It is an active process, involving encoding, transmission and decoding of specific information.

If we are serious about improving our communication skill, it is important to know more about linguistic ability. In this case, recipients should understand what senders what to deliver. We should also be aware of the feeling and thought processes of the senders and receivers. Before sending important messages, it is important to make sure that the other side is open.

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