How To Choose Wisely The Badges Makers?

How To Choose Wisely The Badges Makers?

Badges are gaining popularity these days. You see badges on bag packs, handbags, ID card strings and clothing.  You can be a collector or a one-badge person. Whatever your badge likes are, there are plenty where they come from. Badge makers across world are digging into this newfound interest for badges. Previously a badge was meant as identification for volunteers, scouts or employees in a corporate event or a synonym to police, but now, it is also used for commemorating the corporate and official achievements.

  • Custom-made badges give you the option to choose the shape, color, material and design. So, whether you like to just announce to the world how much you hate Mondays, or if you like to show your support to your favorite team, there is a fun badge waiting for your personal touch out there. You can wear the badge designed by you, proudly.
  • Several online badge makers offer countless options and ideas for customizing your badge. Badge makers offer festive discounts, and they also charge less, if you order for bulk products.

 Here are some examples of badge types which you can customize before buying:

  • Eagle-top shields: Eagle-top shields are used as police badges by many police departments. You can customize your eagle-top badge to suit your liking.
  • Eagle over circles: These are EMT badges for use by emergency medical technicians. Choose to modify your eagle over circle badge for a unique look.
  • Shields: Shield badges are used by security guards and can be modified to suit your style.
  • Ovals: Ovals are used by the Police and Firefighters and can be customized to suit your style.
  • Enamel badges: Enable badges are badges stamped with a design of your choice. The cavity is filled with synthetic vitreous, and long-lasting hard enamel Soft enamel badges are manufactured from stamped steel with soft enamel fill. They are cheaper than hard enamel badges. Apart from hard and soft enamel badges, you can also choose from printed enamel, copper stamped and zinc alloy. 

Go for the embroidered varieties and the badges with engraved name initials:

  • Embroidered badges: They have as many as seven threads that are stitched onto cotton twill colored backing cloth or any other similar cotton-based material. These are great ideas for club recognitions or individual award functions. You can buy colorful and intricate embroidered badges to suit our function.
  • Name badges: Name badges are a cool way to enhance your image at corporate events. You can choose from any logo or photographic image. You can customize it further with your name and title too. Name badges are a great choice for volunteers as well.

While eagle-top shields, eagle over shields, ovals and shields are all police, EMT, firefighting or armed forces’ personnel badges that you have the option to customize, enamel, embroidered, name and family badges are for non-uniformed folk.

Creating family badges for different occasions:

Badge makers can customize police badges for loved ones too. These are called family badges. They can be customized as per your liking. Family badges are a unique way of showing your family how much they mean to you. The family badge stands as a symbol of your affection and your commitment to their protection.

Badge makers also offer customers the option to create badges out of social media logos. This is a fun option too, if you are not into making a statement here. You can brand your badge to look unique.

You can design badges to suit a cause as well. Design a badge to show your support to breast cancer survivors, or voice out against global warming. Whatever your choice maybe, there are several badge makers who can help you identify a badge that is uniquely you!