Best Call Reporting Software For Small & Large Business

Best Call Reporting Software For Small & Large Business

Big or small, for any organization it is important to manage and track the internal phone calls in account to follow every telephonic movement of employees. Call management or reporting is a process of implementing and designing the parameters and rules to govern the inbound and outbound calls routing through network. It can help the organisation to see the business under a complete new light. Install a call management software, and the organisation will be able to view real time call activities, and analyse, manage and control any business communication building by the employees.

Common calling features to manage

Call management involves using some particular calling features to deliver customized calling experience and increase the inbound call handling efficiency.

Call Queue: A system that keeps call on hold as long as the destination number becomes available. According to call centre, a long call queue means repeated attempts, abandoned calls and dissatisfactions of customers.

Hunt Group: This system contains one or multiple destination numbers. After receiving incoming calls, this system allows to connect the destination number in a certain order.
Auto Attendant: This system automatically transfer a call to a particular extension either chosen by the caller or not, under a large group of extensions, without an operator’s intervention.

Interactive voice response: Voice recording system that allows callers to interact and provide report about the service or any support they need.

Call Records: The system often allows recording the call and retaining details of the received calls, which later can be interpreted, analysed and stored.

Basic needs of call reporting software

A call reporting software performs on various scales, from unwanted calls screening in a residential telephone connection to international call centre routing calls in different location worldwide, and governing systems for call management that can be attached as hardware, like PBX telephone system.

iCall Suite is the leading call management software that are using in the industry. The software system captures CDR (call detail records) from the telephonic system and delivers the detail report on call usage, costs and other activities conducted by employees.

1. Employee Productivity: iCall Suite monitors and measures employee productivity by reviewing call summary reports.
2. Traffic Analysis: It helps an organisation to identify the busy hours and whether they are under or over the trunks, so that they can determine the correct trunks number.

3. Contact centre management: The system allows to identify the centre’s effectiveness by identifying answered and missed calls, and monthly, daily and hourly statistics.

4.Misuse and abuse detection: ICS can produce report about the misuse of the telecom service.

5.Call Archive: The call reporting software enables an organisation not only to report the calls but also archive call data.

Cost and bills management: This software helps to detect mistimed calls, erroneously call list, incorrect billed rates to generate correct bill. It also reduces cost by reporting raw data collected from the telecom system to take right business decision.