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How To Choose A Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Fiancée

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Choosing an engagement ring for you fiancée is a very tough task since you want to make the lady you love the happiest person alive. Sometimes while buying the engagement ring you often get confused on whether to purchase a big ring or a better quality ring. It will not be an easy task for sure. In order to buy a perfect diamond ring, you need to know the style and personality of your fiancée. Notice what kind of dress she likes: simple or spunky, what kind of shoes she prefers to wear, high heels or comfortable one. Apart from focusing on just focusing on the style of the person. You should not forget points such as Job profile, locality, status, etc. Ring size matters a lot to the overall image of the individual. For instance, if your fiancée is a corporate person, she will avoid wearing big or flashy diamond rings whereas if she is from the fashion world then she will love to have the larger and bright ones.

How To Choose A Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Fiancée

 While buying the engagement ring for the love of your life, you cannot afford to compromise even on small details. Following points must be considered while choosing the best engagement ring for your fiancée.

Cut: The appearance of the diamond heavily depends on its cuts. Diamonds have a variety of cuts ranging from rectangular and round to square ones. It depends only on the cuts how the light shines through the diamond. This is the primary reason the cuts of diamond are crisp and proportionate to its size. The well cut, round shaped diamonds are the costliest and the most lustrous among all diamonds.

Clarity: The clarity of the every diamond depends upon the number of freckles or inclusions it has. You can easily give a slip to the diamond that has more freckles. More the freckles, the poor will be the quality of the diamond. It should be noted that there are two kinds of inclusions in diamonds; one, that can block the flow of light and the other, that do not upset the quality of the diamonds. Avoid purchasing those diamonds whose inclusions are palpable to eyes.

Color: Different grades are assigned to different diamonds depending on the whiteness of the diamond. Diamond come in colors like white, brown, yellow or gray. The most interesting point regarding colors of diamonds is that people cannot recognize the color of the diamond by naked eyes. A white color diamond is a D-grade diamond and is the most fascinating and lavish among the rest of the diamonds. You can afford to compromise on the color end and still purchase an appealing ring.

Carat Weight: How much a diamond is pure solely depends upon the carat measurement. More the carat of the diamond, the more it will be pure and vice versa. Just like a dollar can be bifurcated in 100 cents, carat can also be divided 100 points. A single fraction of carat can make a big difference in the quality of the diamond.

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