How to be Safe in Parking Lots?

There could be many parking lots in our area and they provide convenient access to shopping facilities and work. However, we should know that any parking area could still be a source of danger. In this case, we should follow some common sense, precautions and guidelines. There are things that we should consider before choosing a parking lot. The parking lot could be deserted and poorly lit. Without 24-hour security, our cars could be at higher risks. Vandalism and thefts are common problems, while drivers who are about to enter their car can be assaulted. When choosing a parking lot, we should make sure that it’s staffed around the clock. It would be much harder burglars to operate in guarded parking lots. There should also be surveillance system in the parking lots, allowing security personnel to detect acts of thefts through the parking lots. System that provides 24-hour monitoring may deter theft and vandalism more effectively.

It is also important to make sure that the parking lot has an alarm system. If the security camera detects an act of burglary, loud alarms can be used to stop the assailants. There could also be escort service that allows drivers to be guarded when they enter or get out of the car. This could be necessary if attackers hide inside the lot. In general, we should try to use the common sense and perform any kind of precautions that we can take. Regardless of the location and the layout of the parking lot, we should be able to take a number of precautions. We shouldn’t leave the parking ticket inside the car, because thieves could drive out of the parking lot unchallenged, Valuables should never be left inside the car or in plain sight. Thieves will be more encouraged to break into our car if they find something that they can take. It is also a good idea to avoid parking next to a van with sliding side door that provides an opportunity for burglars to start their attempt. In risky areas, we should walk in a group or use the buddy system.

It is important to look around for people who may perform suspicious activities. We shouldn’t approach the car if we are uneasy. We may ask the closest security guard to escort us to the car. The car should be approached with keys in hand and if a person seems to make a move to intercept us, we should turn around. It is also a good idea to carry protective alarms or whistle to warn attendants and security guards. We should do quick scan of the interior of the car before entering. It is possible for the assailant to hide behind the back seat and rob us.