Create Magical Memories With Your Hubby Using These 6 Ideas

He is the first and the last thing that is in your mind – isn’t it? You start your day thinking what to cook for the lunch for him and end your day thinking what shirt he would use for office tomorrow.

Love before marriage may mean walking carelessly in shopping malls but after marriage it vents out with these things only. But with every single thing the love of your heart just increases. So, while thinking for Valentine gift ideas for husband, think something that would make his heart skip a beat with your creativity put behind the gift.

Here lies a list of those things that would serve as great Valentine gift ideas for husband:

  1. A colorful gift box carrying all his favorite items. That may include a local one rupee toffee to a Ray Ban sunglass. When he finds out all the necessary gifts that makes him happy, he would really feel blessed to have you in his life. Make this box a creative one by keeping a lovely note attached to each item. For example, for his favorite small miniature vodka bottle write: “I love your poems that you recite after a couple of shots. Keep on writing such great poems”.

  1. Search the local market especially the craft markets to fish out a wooden pen stand or an art work ash tray to adorn his desk.

  1. If your hubby is really fond of singing and really sings well, you can play a trick with this. Without letting him know, record his musical tone and get the CD printed with his pictures and keep the title of the CD “Songs direct from soul”. Keep this CD ready in his car music system. He would be mesmerized to hear this.

  1. A personalized notepad along with a pen is a gift that would serve his purpose well. You would get thousands of options online to get that exact product.

  1. Get a beer mug made with your favorite love quote like: “I fell in love with you not for how you look but for who I am when I am with you” or “Out of all the love stories that I know, ours is my favorite”. Now he would have reasons to love his beer even more.

  1. Audio book would be another great Valentines Day gift for husband. Reading is definitely a noble hobby but tell me seriously how many of us can manage generous time to get soaked into reading? After all meeting the expectations of own lives keeps us too busy at our work. Therefore, an audio book would take him back to his old days of reading.

Love is really magical and being expressive in love would always make the difference.

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