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How Spy Apps Work: Revealing Nitty-Gritty Details

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Smartphone tracking and monitoring is what spying apps are all about. They can be furtively installed on mobile phones and then through these awesomely powerful apps, one can easily invade others privacy, whether with the intent to protect the individual in question or to spy on them, whatever they may feel like.

The Various Features of offered by Spy Software are:

  • Monitor from Any Location

Now this surreptitious spying software, in order to stalk the target phone or computer efficiently and in real time, makes use of “Remote Access” technology. This technology allows the user to keep track on the target phone from anywhere, as long as both devices are connected to a language. If you have a working network services and two devices, one target and one where the target phone is being monitored (or stalked really) and voila! You are sorted. Spy applications upload the logs containing all the recorded activities to spy application servers. This way, call and text message logs from the target phone can be remotely accessed for any location as long as you have a source of connection, your web browser and the password to your online account.

  • Monitor using a Remote Device

A remote device that is configured to access the information and logs of a target device in real time makes monitoring the target phone or computer much easier. Since you are always logged into the spy application’s servers, you have real time access to the target device and are able to monitor it as long as you are connected to a network. The good thing is that you do not need to monitor through your own device. You can use any device and enter login details for getting access to the control panel.

  • Capture Actual Screenshots

Good spy software can transmit calls, can provide you with logs of all the activities and every single keystroke made on the target device. The only thing it cannot do is provide you with a real time video. But do not worry, any good spy application comes equipped with the perfect alternative, it can capture full sized screenshots that shows the various activities of the user on the target computer or mobile.

  • Monitors Emails

Spy software can provide you with a complete log of the list of emails sent and received on the target email. It can also show real time activity of the said emails. This feature is particularly useful for employers who want to make sure their employees are not stealing company’s information behind their back.

  • Monitors Websites

Spy technology also allows the user to access a complete and detailed log of all the URLs visited on the target computer. Plus, it can also keep track of frequently visited websites exclusively on any type of internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and others.

  • Records Every Single Keystroke

These apps also allow you to keep track of every single keystroke the user makes on a target computer from anywhere, anytime, using any device. Not only that but it can also keep detailed records of passwords and IM/Chat logs in English as well as various other languages for you to access and look into.

  • Remote Installation

With the support of remote access, a user does not need to have physical access to the target computer to install the spy application or to monitor it. It can be installed as well as used on a local computer anywhere. Most applications are not equipped with such a mode of installation, but BlurSpy offer you this exclusive feature with no extra cost.


Although spying on somebody is a big no-no, most parents and employers use it to keep track of their children and their employees. For parents, it is the perfect means to monitor the activities and whereabouts of their children in their absence. For employers, it helps in keeping an eye on employees activities, and to avoid any legal nightmare. But for some users, it is the perfect way to exploit other’s privacy. They can do it by either spying on you personally, using your mobile phone or your computer or they can hack into various the spy applications’ servers to deceive you and exploit you in the worst ways possible.

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