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How NLP Rewires How You Think In A Positive Way

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Neuro Lingustic Programming (or NLP) is one of the most sought-after new-age therapies to fulfill an individual’s potential. It is a unique form of life coaching which empowers learners to perform considerably better in their professionals workspace as well as in the sphere of their personal life. However, the ‘Programming’ aspect of Neuro Linguistic Programming receives less attention and below we attempt to unravel how NLP as a technique can “wire” you to bring positivity in your life.

All in all, NLP is like a“brain software” which rewires an individual’s thinking

One of the most fundamental learnings of NLP practitioners is to comprehend how a person thinks. After this comes the stage of understanding different facets of people’s thinking: their phobias, rigid thinking, and undesirable ideas which are often embedded into a person’s psyche. The ultimate goal of NLP is to correct the unwanted thoughts by “re-programming” individuals’ though processes.

How NLP Rewires How You Think In A Positive Way

This ‘reprogramming’ isn’t an easy thing to do. It is the outcome of years of study and research of two brilliant minds – Richard Bandler and John Grinder who innovated upon the idea of NLP in the 1970s. Today, NLP is going places and NLP courses in Sydney and NLP coaching are actively pursued by professionals from different sectors. The technique is applied in studies of behavioral patterns, communication, motivation and memory.

Quite strikingly, the understanding of how a computer works is in many ways similar to a person’s thought process. Just like a command entered into a computer tool causes it to perform a certain action, communication (both verbal and non-verbal) influences the mind drastically and invokes a particular reaction from it. This was explored in great detail in Richard’s and John’s pioneering book, ‘The Structure of Magic’ (1975). An NLP practitioner undergoes extensive training to build a ‘model’ of someone’s thinking patterns after which he works to correct them. This practice is called “modeling excellence”.

 Is NLP a Mind Control Tactic?

Be that as it may, it would be inappropriate to label NLP as a mind control tactic. Upon discovering it in great detail, one will find that NLP is something which enables people to access their deeper selves and then behave in a way which is in line with their true selves. Also, these days, there is vast knowledge about NLP and NLP techniques in the public domain (through books, online portals, webinars, etc.) so therefore there’s nothing “hidden” about the technique. Learning NLP is very much an ongoing process. Even the biggest practitioners of NLP say that they are still learning more of it and evolving their methodologies with time.

 Can I learn NLP on my own?

These days, NLP is being customized to find relevance in workplace, in the areas of education, investigation and even games and sports. NLP techniques are robustly discussed in magazines, periodicals, Internet forums and self-help books. However, learning NLP is definitely not a cakewalk. The role of master NLP trainers and full-fledged NLP training sessions from providers like is imperative. One should learn NLP from the experts and not from novices to get the best outcomes.

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